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  • I but the car in the state of VT and the dealership never gave me a copy of the title. I called the bank (there is a loan on the car) to see if they had a copy and could send it to me so I can register my car. The bank sent me a letter giving me a VIN check, a few days later the bank sent me another letter saying the dealership never omitted all the correct paper work. I went back to the dealership to see what was going on, where I said the bank nor I have a copy of the title do you guys have it. all I got back was " the lady who does all the paper work up and quit on us, we have applied for a new title and it will be in a few day." so does that mean the car doesn't have a title? and isn't that illegal in Vermont to sell a car with out a title. if so what could I do. I have already payed close to $1000 on this car and have a had it for a month now. I am also drive with expired plates due to the fact I can't register it. I need some advice and some answers here please. thank you all!
  • Advice? : The dealer did not "never omitted paperwork" they never submitted it. Big difference. You could not have payed anything. There is no such word. You paid. Driving is with expired places could cost you a lot more. Go back to the dealer and demand proper papers immediately.
  • Its NOT illegal in ANY state for any licensed dealer to sell a car without the title. They ARE required and indeed bonded that they will eventually get you a clear title. But sometimes these things take time. Their title clerk QUIT. Give them a break. You should have gotten a title application with which you could have bought tags and registered it. Ask the dealer. At the very least, the dealer or the DMV should be getting you a temporary tag at least until you get what you need. And no, you don't get your money back.
  • You don't need a copy of the title to register the car, you need a current registration which would show you as the registered owner and the bank as legal owner. The dealer should have set this up when you bought the vehicle. Sounds like they dropped the ball when their title clerk quit. If they expect to stay in business they will need to get this cleared up immediately.
  • The absolutely free reverse vin check sites generally provide fake information. To get real information, money will have to be paid. The free searches provide fake information so they can get your email address to send spam. Stay away from shady reverse vin check sites, most likely you won't get any information after you make the payment. Not to mention you won't get a report and you won't get an answer if you try to call for a refund. Stick with a reputable reverse vin check site like that has been around since 1995.
  • Why are you asking for legal advice on YA! Talk to a lawyer. Your question is a difficult "bought" the car. The dealer should "submit" paperwork. And you "paid" a $1000.
  • Let's call my daughter Mary, as I describe the complication to the masses here at Yahoo. Mary is a seventeen year old senior at a Texas high school. She is bright - 11th percentile SAT scores > 1300 and a 4.0. On the other hand if you ask Mary why she has a job, she will respond because my parents make me. She still calls us Mommy and Daddy, and will often complain that someone was mean to her. She spends a great deal of time reading fiction, loves Twilight and Harry Potter. Mary is extremely pretty with no serious interest in boys, has yet to be on a date. Has rarely showered without the reminder of 'hey, it's been two days, are you going to shower?' OK, so it's time to shop for colleges and she has it in her head that she wants to go to the University of Vermont because we lived there up until three years ago, and she has a decent friend base there. She has a decent friend base here too, but she says she hates the heat of Texas, and what I fear is she mostly just wants to get away from her mother and I. UVM is expensive for us, and we think something closer by like A&M would be better suited for her maturity. We have encouraged her to apply to UVM and A&M and at least two others, but I know she is eyeing UVM as the prize like a 6 year old boy eyes a toy bazooka. So my question really, how do we get her to make the best choice for her without having her arrive at school saying "I'm here because my parents made me come here"? I'm thinking one or two of you may recommend psychiatric counseling for my daughter. We brought her to two counselors and both said to be thankful she's such a great kid, and not to worry the other stuff will come in time.
  • Guess I can't respond without adding these additional comments, anyway... OK, I'm not convinced that I don't need to be concerned about my daughter';s maturity level. I compare her to all the 17 year old maturity levels I've been introduced to. Call me the one with the problem if you like. I agree that she probably needs a big dose of reality to mature. An important fact I left out I guess, we the parents are not college educated, we have decent jobs but no savings. This debt is hers and we just want her to make the right choice for her without acting like 'it doesn't matter how much it costs, it's what I want". I'd be happy to send her to UVM if it's a reasonably wise choice for her financially, but I look at this choice as one last opportunity to protect her from the immature Mary, and secure a better future for the mature one. One where she doesn't enter the working world with 80K of debt.
  • This one is pretty simple. If you don't want her to arrive at school saying "I'm here because my parents made me come here," let her make her own choice about the direction her life should take. It's her life, after all. It sounds like you're concerned that she's going to pick someplace to get away from you and her mother. Frankly, from the way you've managed to belittle an apparently intelligent and attractive teenager during these two short paragraphs, getting away from you and her mother will likely be the best choice for her. -- If your concern is primarily monetary, encourage her to apply for as many scholarships and grants as she can crank out. A high scoring student with good grades and non-college educated parents will likely be able to earn quite a few scholarships. A simple yahoo search for "undergraduate scholarships" will reveal many sites which link to applications for scholarships. In addition, many scholarships are listed in print form. You can send your daughter to her school or local library and look at those. These are sometimes more useful than the internet sites, because there are some very obscure scholarships out there. After reading about these, your daughter might "remember" how much she loves to knit, and then apply for (and possibly win) a scholarship for females from texas who knit. A caveat, you shouldn't have to pay for any scholarship opportunities, these are common scams.
  • If she's as bright as you say, how about Rice University? That school trumps both UVM and A&M with their academics. They also have a rather large endowment, one of the largest in the country, meaning that she'll get a lot of financial aid if she qualifies. Also, no matter what, you should encourage her to live in a dorm no matter how close she is to you. Let her feel independent. It seems that needs development... Also, I have a good friend at UVM. She told me the kids at UVM are rather immature and can still act like high schoolers with their catty-ness. Please let her be aware of that. It's one thing to be independent, but it's another be alone. Don't let your daughter go someplace where she'll feel alone.
  • I think the counselors were right. Perhaps its mom and/or dad who need the counseling. Sounds like separation anxiety to me. You have obviously done what you thought was right in the raising of your daughter and the results bear you out. If the University of Vermont is what she wants for herself, it might be just the thing to take her to the next level as far as maturity is concerned. She is, for the most part, a young adult now and this means making mistakes and paying consequences. My suggestion to you is to encourage her to follow her dreams and offer the sound advice you have provided her throughout her life and love and support her decisions when she chooses to ignore your advice. That's what the little Johns and Marys are all about these days. Good luck to you all.
  • I hate to tell you this, but you are not your daughter. It's her choice as to which college she attends and you are just reinforcing her Mommy and Daddy syndrome by telling her what to do in life. She will be an adult in one year and part of being an adult is the ability to make your own choices whether good or bad. Part of her decision is to be on her own and you should be thankful she wants to go to Vermont as she could go to A&M and want to live at home with you. Part of being a good parent is realizing that you have to let go someday. No one said being a parent watching your daugter make her own choices is easy. Just relax and encourage her to do whatever will make her happy.
  • In case you haven't heard, Vermont wants to secede from the Union. Unfortunately, this will never happen because 1. They only have 300 people in their secession group, and 2. The Civil War. But oh how great it would be! I mean, they LITERALLY elected a socialist to the Senate: Their judges sentence a man to 60 days in prison for raping a 10 year old: They NEED to be their own country. It would be perfectly acceptable to me. And you know what? They would be happy. Since the majority of their citizens are the wealthy elite, they don't have to deal with those annoying poor people like we do. They can keep their abortions legal, keep their child molesters on the streets, whatever they want to do. All I ask is this: Please take Mass., NY, Conn., etc with you. Take them all, become a separate country, and be happy. In the meantime, let US (normal people) bring America back to the way it should be, where we can let our children outside without fear of them being kidnapped. Where I don’t have to teach my son about safe sex when he’s 14 (because he knows that sex before marriage is BAD). Where killing your unborn baby is illegal, and speaking your mind doesn’t get you fired. Where we don’t have racist policies like Affirmative Action and UNCF. Where minorities are encouraged to work for a living, not spend their lives in welfare-assisted poverty. Are you with me? Do you miss this America? The join with me, and beg: PLEASE, VERMONT, LEAVE AMERICA!!! Do you guys agree?
  • Please don't classify all Vermonters like this because of a few radical leftists. As you pointed out there are only 300 people in the secession group. Hawaii, Alaska, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Texas all have some form of secession organization today. Every state in the union has a few wackos. In the case with the sex offender getting 60 days in prison, the minimum sentence was changed to 3 years because Vermonters were outraged. You say that most Vermonters are the wealthy elite, but according to the 2004 national census, the per capita income for Vermont was lower than the national average. We have plenty of poor people in Vermont. This is part of the reason why Bernie Sanders (the Socialist) was elected; he supports universal health care coverage because many Vermonters can't afford health care. Vermont also has a republican governor. Not every elected official is a liberal nor is every Vermonter. I oppose killing unborn children, support abstinence, and believe people should work to support themselves instead giving money to those who are too lazy to work. I worked and took out loans to pay for my own college tuition. I agree that Vermont is one of the most left leaning states in the nation, but there are plenty of conservatives here too.
  • It's funny how 300 Vermonters have suddenly become the norm for ALL of Vermont. 300 isn't even close to the full population, so to say all Vermonters are evil is wrong. That's like me saying that all Californian's must be like the spoiled brats we see in Hollywood. The reason why the group wants to secede started because of unfair taxation. The U.S. seceded from British rule because of taxes. In Vermont, everything known to man is suddenly about taxes. Property taxes have risen, in my town at least, 300% in the past decade. Salaries have certainly not climbed anywhere near that much. If you buy a used car that someone has already paid sales tax on, you can expect to pay sales tax again, and not just on the amount you bought the car for - you pay taxes on the car's blue book value. Towns and cities within Vermont now have the right to set a sales tax rate higher than the state sales tax rate if they want extra money for the town. State wide the tax rate is 6% but in towns like Williston, you will pay 7%. Same goes for the 9% meals tax - pay 10% in some towns. We also pay income tax to the state - some states do and others don't but I know on my self-employment income, 5% goes to the state and the federal government gets their chunk too. Yes there are some rich here in VT, the majority moved here from Boston, New York, or Los Angeles. That has driven up the cost of housing and has negatively impacted things. There is an environmental firm located in Mass. that feels they have the right to slap a lawsuit against any thing they feel will impact the environment in VT. Want to build an interstate or bypass, try getting past them first. I've lived in VT for most of my life, and I know that when my children are out of school I'll urge them to move on. The cost of living here for the majority is getting way out of hand. The average income of $10 an hour isn't working when a 2-bedroom house will cost you $200k, school and town taxes are a good 1 to 2% of the house's value, and then health insurance is rising regularly, IF you are lucky enough to have coverage at all. As for abortions--not that I'm even sure why you've singled out VT for being pro-abortion, Vermont is not alone in this--I watched a woman get stoned by anti-abortion protesters. She was going into Planned Parenthood to get a pap smear and breast exam. For that reason alone, I have NO respect for those who feel that killing a baby is evil, but stoning someone is fine and dandy.
  • CA has supposedly wanted to secede a few times, too. It's just a little hystrionics by the radicals.
  • I would not let them. If they do, we do a Lincoln on them. Bring Iraqi troops home, invade Vermont, take it back. Then like the Romans we have a Vermonter diaspora as all residents at the time of succession will be forced to leave Vermont forever (It is a beautiful state and it can be repopulated with patriots).
  • So in time of need Vermont wants to bail out on America. Pathetic Vermont.
  • May I vote on that? I vote they can leave America and become a subsidiary of Quebec.
  • i think it should be on the ballot, not just in vermont, but in all 50 states. you'd be surprised how many americans would tell them to get out and immediately start making flags with 49 stars. heck, we wouldn't be missing much
  • I thought that they did that when they elected Dean as governor? I say, the way they seem to coddle child molestors, let 'em, and break off diplomatic relations with 'em.
  • maybe we should just break the whole country up- its too hard to have 50 places with different laws and people uniting.
  • well if you do want them to secede then sign their petition
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