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1700 Madison Avenue No. 530, Lakewood, NJ 08701

New Jersey


700 State Street No. 73, Camden, NJ 08102

New Jersey


1081 S Clinton Avenue, Trenton, NJ 08611

New Jersey


10 Costco Drive, Monroe Township, NJ 08831

New Jersey


1181 Roosevelt Avenue, Carteret, NJ 07008

New Jersey


211 Main Avenue, Passaic, NJ 07055

New Jersey


100 Quimby Street, Westfield, NJ 07090

New Jersey


116 3rd Ave, Neptune, NJ 07753

New Jersey


6100 Black Horse Pike No. A4, Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234

New Jersey

Egg Harbor

1731 Route 22 West, Union, NJ 07083

New Jersey


Frequently asked questions about new jersey bad credit

  • he moved to new york to complete the 12th grade. He only needed a year to graduate in new jersey and in new york needed more time. He became discouraged and dropped out. I am trying to put him back on the right track. I am looking for a college he can go to where he can obtain his ged and continue to take classes for his career. i want to do this as soon as possible before he really doesnt want to return at all. Any ideas on schools?
  • Programs like those mentioned at the Milford Academy are a realistic option. My husband taught at a school in NH that had a program like this, and they gave intense focus to each student. When a student started to get into trouble - say, he didn't turn in assignments or skipped classes - they would talk to him immediately. A lot of private schools offer programs like this. If you have a non-elite private highschool near you, you could call them and ask if they have a program appropriate for your son. Another option is a school like The College of Westchester, in White Plains. They are a real, accredited, 2 year college. They accept students who do not have their GED, if the student is promising and has a desire for a college education. He'll have t to take an exam to prove that he has the "ability to benefit". They will help him get his GED as he takes their regular college classes. Like Milford Academy, they pay careful attention to how their students are doing. If a student starts skipping classes or failing assignments/tests, they call him in to try to figure out what is going wrong. Other NY-area schools which offer some sort of GED/college course combo include: - The College of Westchester - York College (CUNY) - SUNY Rockland (in fact, all the community colleges in NY) - Molloy College - Villa Maria College - Long Island U, Brooklyn Campus - Morrisville State College - Farmingdale State College and I think maybe Marymount Manhattan College. Also check all the CUNYs. At these colleges, he'd get his GED after he'd completed 24 credit hours of college coursework. He'd actually get it while also getting his associates or bachelors. You may hear of a similar program at the Interboro Institute, in NYC. This program is very bad, and has had some legal troubles. Best to skip that one! But again, I think he'll do best at a small school, and one where the staff cares about students like him and will take extra steps to see him graduate.
  • I would suggest he look into the Milford Academy in New Berlin, NY. It is a great place for students to go to get their GED and a feel of college-level classes. It is geared especially towards students like your son. It is in central NY, so it is a decent drive from NYC, but not so far that you could not visit him on the weekends. It is far enough away that he can be on his own like in a normal college environment and mature as a student, but also still come home when he wants.
  • I don't believe a college will accept him without at least a GED completion Certificate. I suggest a completion of GED, then apply, be advised that some Colleages will not accept a GED Deploma , however you don't know if you don't try
  • Any local Adult Ed program that offers GED programs should be able to do what you need. It doesn't have to be done at a college - it might be cheaper to go the adult ed route any way - have you checked tuition costs at a college lately? And if you want to go the college route, any community college should be able to offer the basics that he needs. He doesn't need to go to Harvard to learn algebra or how to conjugate verbs.
  • in case you're interior the eleventh grade you may desire to adhere it out and get your severe college degree. With a GED you choose 15 college credit and the Marine Corps isn't accepting GED's at present day. you may connect once you're in you final semester of high school. you may connect at 17 consisting of your dad and mom' permission. they do no longer seem to be going to recruit you with a GED. No, you won't be in a position to flow to recruit education till you're totally qualified. there's no recruit education mutually as in severe college. i think of the army did this. The Marine Corps is a severe determination you may take time to totally evaluate. you will remorseful concerning to the determination at circumstances. in case you're actually not committed to be a Marine, do no longer do it.
  • No one is hardly mentioning them as a potential surprising team this offseason nor are they being mentioned in most of the NBA-relating conversations, despite having a billionaire owner, a real nba-experienced head coach, 2 star players in Lopez and Harris and they have a new arena being built in Brooklyn. Why are they being less mentioned in conversations? BQ: If the Nets were to pull something big this offseason, do you think that they'll get the credit where it's due?
  • People forget that the Nets have been experiencing so many problems this past season, which is a reason why they ended up looking as bad as they did. Everything from injuries to key players, 3 different head coaching experiences (neither was NBA-ready), experiments with players that didn't work out (Yi, Simmons, etc) and role players (Trenton Hassell) getting more playing time over other deserving talent (Williams, CDR, Hayes, etc) is the reasons why the Nets ended up with a 12-70 record last year. Had the Nets not experienced all of those problems last season, they would not have finished with the worst record in the NBA for the 2009-10 season nor would they have been on the wrong side of history (0-18 start to season).
  • the reason is that they have not proved anything yet... yes they are making these changes but there record was so horrible last season that its not sure how they will do this season also avery and harris were good in dallas but they had alot of good players to back them up... it will be difficult to see how it plays out with avery and the new onwer and just so much change once the team is developed and has won some games and proven that they are better than last year than they will be talked about they will get the credit for making the changes when it happens
  • if you're pestering him, attempting to analyze with him some cases a week for the ultimate three hundred and sixty 5 days, then that's stressful the challenge. without understanding what you probably did or did not do it isn't elementary to truly tell if his reaction to you is justified or no longer. Does he have a female friend? What befell the ultimate time both of you extremely spoke? Did you do some thing undesirable to actual one of his friends, or deal with them poorly? Did you do some thing to any of his resources, justified or no longer? If the solutions are not any, no longer some thing, No, and No and they are truthful, then i'd propose to leaving him on my own for a month or 2. No interaction except the occasional smile and wave in case you word him outside yet then straight away going again round on your organization. If he has a reliable mad worked up for you, then the ultimate aspect to do is to leave him be for a lengthy time period. let him get over it, get far and attitude on it. If he tries to paintings at the same time with you, THEN verify with him and paintings on reestablishing your rapport. if you're always poking your face in the front of his, this truly serves to remind him of what he became mad about, and put off the anger. He under no circumstances receives over it and has a chance to sit back off. Or it ought to nicely be that he only isn't in contact, even with the indisputable fact that if he's amazingly blowing off your tries at communication i'd imagine that there is a few thing better at play right here. we received't be attracted to a woman, yet to be impolite and outright ignore about her isn't some thing we ought to continually do, or typically do. It would not take any attempt to wave or say hi at the same time as it really is done to us. destroy a grin, or only be sociable. If he's blatantly ignoring you outright then there's a reason behind it. If the solutions to those questions contain definite's or some thing, then it truly is going to become both better complicated and yet a lot less complicated to address. yet until eventually i understand better about why he's doing it, i fairly can no longer help better than this.
  • Worst team in the NBA and haven't made a change and haven't signed a great player in this free agency.
  • Nobody's worried about them. They have harris and lopez but thats it. Plus everyone is worried about Lebron. They haven't signed any top free agents and they aren't getting Lebron.
  • they are the worst team in the nba they cant play defense or offense
  • No help. Why would Lebron go from bad to worse ???
  • maybe cause they have good players who can't seem to get it together and win
  • Well, this does have something to do with Jay-Z but it is not a bad move. They are getting a new arena, in an area that is on the rise as far as real estate development. Also, look at about 4 or 5 years ago, when the Nets were going to the NBA Finals, they had those 2 good seasons plus a couple others where they were in the Eastern Conference finals and if you looked at their attendance, it was towards the bottom. I remember watching their games and seeing more seats than people it seemed. I'm not fully convinced that New Jersey is in love with the Nets enough for them to stay and the Devils win Championships, so of course they get more support. But you can credit this move in 2009 to Jay-Z but they'll fun to watch as the Brooklyn Nets with Lebron James!!! There's a high chance that will happen, mark my words!!!!
  • It's very simple really. The Nets are moving to Brooklyn because the land on which the Continental Airlines Arena resides on was at one point an Indian burial ground. This explains why the NJ nets are such perennial losers. It also explains why on occasion, attendants of this arena report sightings of zombie Derick Coleman.
  • I don't remember where it was, but yesterday I saw on they had listed top-ten cities for various things and there was a city in NJ that was voted the least violent city in the nation for cities of 75,000 or over. That's all the hope I can give ya.
  • thats some of jay-z's doing...thats what happens when you let rappers take over your team...i guess now their name is going from the "New Jersey Nets" the "Brooklyn Hood Stars"
  • I think they're moving because the land that the Net's stadium is on is valuable
  • Yea it does o well the nets arent to good! Wiz+Nuggets ROCK!
  • Well, you still have the toxic waste dumps and mass Mafia graves. Any you are getting gay marriage, courtesy of your Supreme Court.
  • I knew jay-z was going to do it
  • lol i was wondering tha same thing...
  • It's NOT fair!!! I owe .. I want to work to pay off my debt.. and they will not hire... Is a life of crime the answer.. I can't pay my child support because of this. Is anyone trying to create a law where this type of discrimination is unlawful. I want to help.. this is unfair.. New Jersey as well as other states. What can I do!! Where do I find someone who is trying to make this easy on all single fathers trying to do the right thing.. GIVE US A BREAK PLEASE!!!
  • Many employers use credit checks as part of the background check. A good credit rating can show the employer that the prospective employee is living up to responsibilities and will probably be a responsible employee as well. Also a person with good credit is less likely to embezzel or commit white collar crimes in a company where they may have access to do so.
  • I hire the person who is the best fit for the job. If I have 5 people who fit, I take the one who I think makes the best decisions in regard to credit and legal mistakes
  • No, sorry... it's perfectly legal for an employer to use your credit rating as a factor in who to hire. Richard
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