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State New Jersey
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1700 Madison Avenue No. 530, Lakewood, NJ 08701

New Jersey


700 State Street No. 73, Camden, NJ 08102

New Jersey


1081 S Clinton Avenue, Trenton, NJ 08611

New Jersey


10 Costco Drive, Monroe Township, NJ 08831

New Jersey


1181 Roosevelt Avenue, Carteret, NJ 07008

New Jersey


211 Main Avenue, Passaic, NJ 07055

New Jersey


100 Quimby Street, Westfield, NJ 07090

New Jersey


116 3rd Ave, Neptune, NJ 07753

New Jersey


6100 Black Horse Pike No. A4, Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234

New Jersey

Egg Harbor

1731 Route 22 West, Union, NJ 07083

New Jersey


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  • Probably about $450 for gas, $100 per night for a hotel (but you can find hotel coupons at restaurants along the Interstate that give discounts), whatever food money you think you would need for each person per day, plus money for incidentals, such as souvenirs, snacks, etc. And make sure you have a credit card with a decent limit in case your car breaks down....I also recommend renting a car, because you can get awesome rates these days, and then a breakdown is not your financial nightmare....just call for a new car and hit the road! Still, if you use your own car, have it tuned up, make sure all belts are in good shape and tightened, the tires are good...and have a great time!
  • Estimation only; jersey to colorado about 2500 miles. If you get 25mpg then 100 gallons of gas at $4 per gal=$400
  • Best I can do is look in the New Jersey codes....Any amount needs to be put to paper
  • No. I think I know what your trying to ask. At what amount of money do you need to put a contract into writing. And the answer is... none. There is no law requiring that a contract need to be in writing if the amount is over x amount of dollars. No such law exists. There are a few circumstances where a contract must be in writing, but not many. For the most part a contract is just an agreement, and that agreement can be verbal. In fact in some cases the agreement doesn't even have to be verbal. If I walk into a store and take a news paper, and I do this every day for years, and I always pay at the end of the month, then the simple act of taking the newspaper is an agreement to pay. It doesn't fall under New Jersey law, it falls under a universal contract law. Which is upheld by all states and most countries.
  • Give us an example of what you are trying to ask. You will also find that most of us here, though we do get lots of best answers and even Top Contributors, do not care if you give us 10 points or not we are here to help and not participate in the dumbas practice of ratings and points. So clarify and help us to help you.
  • What is your question????? There is no such thing as a "legal amount of money that must be put into writing"!! That doesn't make sense!!!
  • Depends on who you talk to. Liberty Island is split between New York and New Jersey. However, it is a federal monument and the island is federal land, so neither state gets the money. Liberty State Park is another entity unto itself, and is run by New Jersey. All ferries to and from the island are run by the federal government.
  • Iceman is almost maximum appropriate. i do no longer understand the thumbs down. besides, your first hurdle would be getting tickets to a activity. Your plans will obvioiusly be constrained by potential of while the Yanks are on the city. you are going to could take a seat with a activity time table and seek for flights and lodge availibilty in accordance to that. As for airports, whichever is maximum inexpensive of JFK, LGA or EWR. ( I dodge EWR, yet this is very own preferance). there is the two bus or prepare provider from any of them into ny. i think of the the place you opt to stay question will answer itself once you initiate searching for resorts. Many would be complete or very costly. NJ could be slightly out of ways yet perhaps inspect Queens. there's a holiday lodge in long island city this is useful for NYC (if there is availability). it is 3 blocks from the 7 prepare which would be emmensily handy to get to ny and the Bronx (the 7 is going to Grand critical the place you may get the 4 to the domicile that Ruth outfitted). it would be complicated to get lots greater particular without dates. be at liberty to deliver a message and that i'll attempt to help as much as i will.
  • I'm male 27, living in Hackensack, New Jersey. I want to know that how can I earn from home? I am looking for all sources in this matter as like, payment can be made through cheque, Western Union or Moneygram. I can also type more than 80 words per minute. Full or Part time will also be ok. Its also ok if I don't make up sufficient money. Please, genuine suggestions are requested. Thanks a lot.
  • There are two ways that you can make part time money at home. One is apply for a position from a company that offers home based work. There are a few out there. The second would be to start a home based business. There are quite a few different industries in which you can look into. I don't know what other qualifications you have other than in your detailed message of being able to type 80 words per minute, so my suggestion (since you asked) would be in this article on home based jobs. I beleive the typing qualification is 40 words per minute at minimum. Not 100% sure if that still holds, but if you can do 80 words per minute, this should be a peice of cake for you. I do strongly suggest you look into home based business opportunities. You have the same income opportunities as a traditional business without all the over head expenses. I think home based business opportunities would cut out of you having to look for two home jobs and make less. Here you can build a business at home that would make you a sufficient amount of money and not have to work two full time jobs at minimum wage. Know what I mean? Anyhow, both ways, I know a lot of people who have worked at home with a job, and I also know a lot of people who work at home with their own business, and still do. So that's what I suggest. Good Luck! Shaun
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  • Best thing to do is be able to indentify scams. There are legit companies looking to hire for real jobs. General rule of thumb is to stay away from ads that promise you'll make a certain amount of money. Also, you can tell a lot by the domain name. Ones that have some scammish domains like (e.x. Obviously not a legit source. Best to leave it to the professionals. There are a couple of legit companies that work closely in there respective industries and weed out all the crap.
  • Here is a company that was ranked #1 in the world for Home Based Businesses and has tens of thousands of affiliates in over 200 countries worldwide. SFI Marketing is the company with Eye Earn being a good way to get involved Please take some time to read through this webpage and join for Free and then ask me some questions about how you can get started just like I did.
  • "If a company requires initial payment from you in order to work for them, they are not legitimate." There are a few legitimate data entry companies but are not hiring and have large waiting lists (1-2yrs). The majority of data entry jobs you seen online are scams. A real company will want you to have skills inc fast typing, may want you to know MS Excel, and will usually ask that you have high speed internet. Once in a long while you may found one online on a job website but thats rare. If you do an advanced search on yahoo, you will find previous answers, sometimes the info on these is good as the info they gave is likely to have been verified if the answer was voted as 'Best'. has some good information on how to search recruitment websites for work at home positions.
  • Freelancing might be a good idea and also web designing as well can fetch lots. take a look at also the link below gives you a insight to 40 ways of earning through internet. hope this helps
  • You could try doing what I do. I run a few online stores selling jewelry and clothes. I don't actually make them lol I just signed up with a drop shipper (a wholesaler who ships products to your customers so you don't have to deal with shipping or actually holding anything in stock then I just used the templates my hosting company had for a store) I make around $3-4k/month doing it, but I work around 5 hours a day to keep people coming to my stores. There's no real easy way of making a living online. You could check out its the site that got me started. Anyway email me if you want any help and good luck :)
  • You earn 500+1000 per sale. Plus you get a membership for a lifetime!!!
  • Earn Money from Home without anywork.Earn atleast 2lakhs in next 3months + Rs.10,000/- books
  • Try going here I hope I helped.
  • It's better than it was 10-15 years ago, but still not nearly what they deserve for the amount of education and the responsibility they bear. Salaries very from state to state and from school district to school district. Teachers in difficult urban school settings, for example, often make more than teachers in affluent suburbs because the problems they have to deal with are bigger. You can probably get statistics on the average salaries in your state by Googling. New Jersey has a fairly high cost of living, so I would expect the salaries would be a little above the national average.
  • New Jersey has better labor laws than most states, but you must get approval from your school. You will have to take a physical exam that will determine the kind of work that you can do. (whether you can build cars, rockets, tv dinners etc.) You can work a maximum of 40 hours in a week. If you are under 14, you can work until 7pm, if you are 14 or 15, 9pm, and when you reach 16, you can work until 11pm or after midnight for certain jobs. Talk to your parents and your school. children in Thailand as young as 9 make Nike sneakers and live in special work camps. Of course they work 14 hours a day for $1 a week. Get out there and find a job! Hopefully not making sneakers!
  • For the best answers, search on this site The only legal way is to enlist in the military, but even this has to be done with parental/guardian consent. And, if you are discharged before the age of 18, guardianship is returned to your parents. In New Jersey, you can only get guardianship taken off your parents/guardians by enlistment in the military or being put under state custody. Either way,you can not move out on your own until the age of 18. You could attempt to move out, but if your parents contest it, through the police or courts, you will be returned to their custody. Even if your parents did allow this, if a state administrative agency found out, they could lose custody of you, temporarily or permanently, and you would be turned over to the state. There are not too many property owners who would be willing or legally able to rent to a minor, because a minor cannot be legally held to a contract. Unless this is a case of your personal welfare, there is not much you can do, but wait until you are legally able to live on your own.
  • RE: legal age to work in new jersey? i need money....but i have a feeling im under age to work for the state of new old do you have to be??
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