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1700 Madison Avenue No. 530, Lakewood, NJ 08701

New Jersey


700 State Street No. 73, Camden, NJ 08102

New Jersey


1081 S Clinton Avenue, Trenton, NJ 08611

New Jersey


10 Costco Drive, Monroe Township, NJ 08831

New Jersey


1181 Roosevelt Avenue, Carteret, NJ 07008

New Jersey


211 Main Avenue, Passaic, NJ 07055

New Jersey


100 Quimby Street, Westfield, NJ 07090

New Jersey


116 3rd Ave, Neptune, NJ 07753

New Jersey


6100 Black Horse Pike No. A4, Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234

New Jersey

Egg Harbor

1731 Route 22 West, Union, NJ 07083

New Jersey


Frequently asked questions about cash loan in new jersey

  • if you have equity in the home and qualify for a loan, you sure can. I'm assuming that you will be doing the leg work as mom is in NY. Is mom going to apply or is she just signing since she's on title? Either way, if you don't want to involve mom too much, see if she will get grant you power of attorney. This would allow you to sign for her. This power of attorney could be broad and sweeping, meaning you could control all matter for the refi and beyond, or you could make it transaction specific, meaning for the refi only. Do one thing though, and speak with the lending institution about this as they would have to approve the power of attorney, and get a New Jersey durable power of attorney. Some counties can and will reject another states power of attorney, I've seen it happen. New Jersey isn't too bad, but things change, so it's better to be careful. your mom could also come to town for the closing as well, so it's really up to you two. let me know if you have any questions
  • Hi I am trying to buy a house. I have $10,000. The house I am looking at cost $200,000 My yearly income is $30,000 Now about my income I get paid cash and check because its commission. My check income is around $8,000 a year. but with the cash my income is $30,000 a year. Now What lender, which lender will lend me money to buy a house for $200,000? Any low income lenders?
  • I dont think you should be buying a 200k home with only 30k per year. If you get a 6 interest loan, you are paying about 1200 per month in P&I. I dont know your tax rate there but assuming 1% thats another 166 per month. Since you are going to be 95% LTV you need M.I. which will run you another 150 per month. Add 60$ per month for homeowners insurance and now you are looking at payments of $1,576 per month. Assuming that 30,000 is NET income and not gross that makes your monthly income 2500 per month. Subtract 1576 and that leaves you 924 to pay everything might be able to afford that...but now assuming that 30,000 is gross income and you are paying 500 per month in taxes and SS and all that, it would only leave you with 424 per month to pay utilities, food, gasoline for your car if you have payment if you have one, car insurance so you can see that although you might qualify, you are spreading yourself out very thin. We didnt even talk about if there are HOA fees on the home. Sorry to scare you like this, but be certain that if you do get this house, nothing ever can go wrong in your life that will require more than a few hundred dollars. That new plasma TV? You will never get it until your income goes up. Computer got a virus? Can't afford to fix it now. Need to take a vacation from work? Better walk to your destination and sleep outside cause hotels & plane tickets costs lots of money. Roof sprung a leak? Break out the pots and pans to catch the water. Have a baby unexpectedly? comes the forclosure now. Now you just worked and saved for all those years only to lose your house and thats depressing. If you want to be comfortable, dont buy anything that is more than 4 times your net yearly income. Sorry to burst your bubble, but better you find out now than a week before closing how much this house is REALLY going to cost.
  • "Trump Tower Funded by Rich Chinese Who Invest Cash for Visas" Trump Bay Street is a 50-story luxury rental apartment building being built by Kushner Companies, whose chief executive officer, Jared Kushner, is married to Trump’s daughter Ivanka. It will have an outdoor pool, indoor golf simulator and sweeping views of Lower Manhattan; it adjoins an existing high rise condo, Trump Plaza Residence. The firm that was hired to seek investors, US Immigration Fund, is run by Florida developer Nicholas Mastroianni, who announced a partnership last year with a Trump golf course in Jupiter, Florida. The visa program is known as EB-5. In exchange for investing at least $500,000 in a project promising to create jobs, foreigners receive a two-year visa with a good chance of obtaining permanent residency for them and their families. In 2014, the most recent year for which records are available, the U.S. issued 10,692 of these visas -- 85 percent to people from China. The Jersey City project has raised $50 million, about a quarter of its funding, from loans obtained through EB-5, according to a slide presentation by US Immigration Fund. Mark Giresi, general counsel of US Immigration Fund, said he believed nearly all of the EB-5 investors in the Trump project were from China.
  • His supporters won't understand what you just said they are extremely ignorant
  • The Japanese made the same sorts of investments in the 1980s, which resulted in the same sorts of complaints. Guess what? They couldn't move the buildings to Japan. Much ado about nothing.
  • Well, if they're wealthy Chinese people, then yes, they can get visas.
  • Well if they get permanent visas, they will be legal immigrants, which is what Trump actually supports.
  • That is what he is hiding in his tax returns. He does business with China and the Middle East.
  • that's yet another immigration outrage, and i'l love to see how dt furiously backtracks on this.
  • Bernie Sanders sucks Dick.
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