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100 Quimby Street, Westfield, NJ 07090

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116 3rd Ave, Neptune, NJ 07753

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New Jersey

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1731 Route 22 West, Union, NJ 07083

New Jersey


Frequently asked questions about bad credit loans in new jersey

  • I would like to go to a university anywhere around the state, my parents are planning to get a loan, I want to major in either business, education, english, or history. im going to be able to drive a car rather than walk. When there's spring break or something i want to be pretty long (i heard it differs around the school). I want the weather to be average-hot but not to hot. I want there to be several place where i can go to eat. Im planning to live in a dorm or share a room.
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  • ok heres the deal i bought a 07 G6 i make 1000 a week but my credit is really bad... i financed the car @ 18.99 percent yup i know its high but i have to start somewhere... but the problem is that i was promised a tire and rim by the sales rep that sold me the car but i never got an IOU from him so i had to but it myslef 500 dollars for 1 so i was extremely mad .. and i kind of had second thoughts on my purchase but i know ill take a big hit if i wanna trade it in (my wifes uncle works for Lincoln MErcury dealer so he could probably help with the price of another car) the thing is that when i purchased the car (my first car) the finance manager told me to tell the bank that gave me the loan that my car was eqipped with leather seats sun roof and power seats when it doesnt even have keyless entry.. i know stupid but i wanted the car.. this is where my question comes in can i somehow get out of the contract or get some money back if i complained about the contract
  • p.s the finance manager told me to tell them that the car was equipped with those extra cause if i didnt it would get approved for some reason i know i was stupid and to tell you the truth i really didnt care that much paying alittle more for it but then they made me angry when they didnt exchange the faulty rim i was promised
  • You cannot get out of the contract I don't think, unless you can prove all of this. Are you saying you lied to the bank that loaned you the money about what the car was equipped with? If so you could be in trouble. If you are the one that gave the faulty information you are the one that is going to get in trouble, not the dealership, however if they lied then you should be able to get out of the contract pretty easy, tell them you are turning their butts in if they don't let you off the hook!
  • It sounds like you did not read all paperwork and did not get any proof of repairs to be made. ! thing is that the dealer does not own car and can not take back as they do not own. If you went to court then you would lose without evidence. Sorry but you have to bite the bullet and remember that the first impression of saleman is 90% of whether he will make sale and if he will do a fair deal for both, There is a broken down, 6 steps to sale with 1st 2 being 1st impression and build rapport because you want to make a friend and keep dealing with salesman for long time after 1st time you buy from him. If he does anything like you describe he is a typical 80% of saleman who go from dealer to dealer because they treat customers poorly and have no referals or repeat business. i have sold cars for 1 company for 13 years and all or 90% are referals or repeat customers. If you pay payments on time for 12-18 months you can refinance at any bank since dealer seems a little crooked. Good Luck!!!
  • I'm really sorry for your experience but that F&I manager will tell you dity stories about their owm mother if it gets the contract signed faster, no dealer in his right mind would offer a partial refund just because a customer complained, Be honest EVERYONE would complain. As for the spare unless you have a document countersigned by the sales manager, then you should take it up with their district rep. from GM bu placeing a customer complaint on the hotline it will trigger an alert that goes straight to the G.M. at the dealership
  • Start by talking with your bank about the scam and the fact that the car is not what was contracted. This alone should break the contract with fault bearing on the dealership. But do not delay.
  • Whatever the contract you signed says is what you owe. Are you sure it wasn't $17.000 OTD including the $4500 for the trade ? You may have been hustled, that is, you didn't get what you thought you did but you screwed yourself by not looking at the contract you signed. And you may be looking at the total amount you will pay overtime. The contract is what counts. Your "understanding" could have been wrong and you might have even been misled but the written contract is what counts over anything.
  • it just depends on the contract they are not going to let you out for anything pretty much they have made there money and you paying the bank......... so unless there is a grace period then the answer is probaly no....... but if you complain they really cannot do anything
  • tell the bank you lied to them and they will void the contract, making the car company take their crappy car back....good luck in jail
  • Society used to be happier. Just because society/economy has gotten tougher, and YOU made some bad decisions in life or were born without a silver spoon in your plate, why does that give you some special right to become a nihilistic, don't give a f8ck, prone to crime, road-raging Ahole? I never understood why poorer people had 50000 babies, act all rude/hostile, have absolutely no care for any higher art, class, novels, don't contribute to society, HATE YOU on top of it all, and hate everything around them, and at the same time, look at you like "IT"S ALL UR FAULT. ur the reason im like this, why arent u GIVIN ME UR PAYCHECK, F U F U!" lol. That's what I sense from alot of them, and they think it's some horrendous crime if they see someone better off than them. The middle class people made bad decisions, got into credit debt, took out more loans then they could handle, were probably scumbaggy with their life/business decisions, and now it's all blowing up in their faces..... and we're supposed to feel sympathy for them? We're supposed to care? Or that gives them now the right to be total douches? It's no secret that society is falling apart, but it's OBVIOUS that it's so becuase of alot of people who just don't care. The upper class people commit their own crimes and have alot to be held accountable for, but I really doubt that crackzilla down the street in that alley is going to write the next novel, or produce the groundbreaking movie that will change society, or that Joe Smith and Mary smith in pleasantville anytown middle class america, will care about ANYTHING other than their own lives with their 2.5 kids and their white-picket fence. No care about architecture, art, anything higher. Then they wonder why our country is turning into a 2nd rate..disaster area. WELL they're NOT helping, they're just in the game for themselves, and then they think it's OKAY for them to go out there and act hostile,....because oh poor them, life's tough, and they've been burned, so now they're going to do it too....lolol. Little baby attitude! If you ask me, I'm picking on the lower/middle class people, not all but some because they have the tendency to play the "victim" card all too often and honestly believe that life owes them one, when it truly doesn't. I have a nice life, I shop whenever I want, I made great life decisions and I came here to this country from Europe, made great decisions, got through school/college, met the right people, and I've had to face TONS of hardships and endure the aholes out there daily.... but they think it's OKAY to act hostile and act nasty to me, why? I or others are not guilty.. theyre being aholes. I want to have some answers. The aholes in our society have alot of explaining to do.
  • You are absolutely right, but honestly it doesnt matter what class you are, everything has its own problems, also, currently there are few jobs right now, middle class people HAVE lost there jobs, homes and went to lower class, also yes most middle class people did f*ck up when they got into debt, but we DO need to help them, some middle class did f*cked up the economy, but not all did, but we cant just sit here and not help them, if we do then the economy will never get any better and that would make us no better than they are.
  • This Site Might Help You. RE: Why are some lower class people or even middle class people so hostile nowadays? Society used to be happier. Just because society/economy has gotten tougher, and YOU made some bad decisions in life or were born without a silver spoon in your plate, why does that give you some special right to become a nihilistic, don't give a f8ck, prone to crime, road-raging Ahole? I...
  • fist of all not all the middle class and poor class is hostile toward the society. there are some people who emerges asa significant literate people in the history of the world. its all that how you view the world around you. yes some are hostile because societies are always discriminatory and based on inequality. its not the choice of an individual but rather the structures of the societies made and govern by power elites.
  • i came from the philippines. i am here on a working visa. working as registered nurse in southside of chicago. all patients are black. i am not complaining. i do not have a house here. just rent a 3 bedroom apartment. i do not have financial problems because am a miser. most black people i have encountered are on welfare and disability. they have a history of alcohol and substance abuse. HIV and hepatitis B positive. smoke Newports a lot. do nothing but rant with their loud mouths. act all powerful on the streets. some are not but mostly they are.
  • Society was never happier, it just seems that way. Because as we drive forward, objects in the rear view mirror get smaller.
  • Nick Cave........................go and smoke a joint and leave them too it, it's really not worth getting this stressed about. Have a cup of tea and a choclate biscuit at the same time.
  • they do i agree completely they act like there so important because they fu cked up its not my fault its yours piss off just tell them taht fu ck off lol they get pis sed
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