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State Maine
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364 Elm, Biddeford, ME 04005



312 Saint John Street, Portland, ME 04102



107 Pleasant Street, Brunswick, ME 04011



Frequently asked questions about maine money

  • To move or to live there? I can't imagine all of Maine is expensive.
  • That will get you by for about 4 weeks.
  • Your question has previously been answered.
  • You will be OK for a couple of years..,
  • Hi! ok heres the story. I'm 21 and just moved to Maine. I'm currently working in a hotel overnight shift 4 days, 8 hours making 8 an hour and after taxes it comes out to 6.48 an hour! I owe 3300 in debt and just moved back in with my mom for the summer. I;m leaving to the air force either in sept or oct... (At least I hope I am... Im getting my leave date next week) and I wanted to pay my debt off before I go so this way I can start new and not worry about it while Im in basic training and at tech school. Any advice? please because at the rate Im going and with gas being so much and food too I wont ever pay this! barely any of it because its going to interest. :(
  • 3,300 in debt is not bad. Living with your mom, the money you make should be more than enough to pay enough off to be ahead during basic training. Also, set up an allotment for auto payment once you are getting paid in the Air Force. Even if you can't pay much, consistently doing it is the best way to eventually get rid of your debt. Stick with it.
  • The whole economy blows, so I am doing everything from odds and ends, to doing these surveys online… You DO NOT need a credit card or any money to start, all you need is a mailing address where you will receive your pay-checks. here's are the 2 best links... , go to the bottom and click on the cash crate icon and the Treasure Trooper icons on bottom. Both are free and does NOT need any money or cc info, plus it can be direct deposited in your paypal account if you have one... good luck, email me if you have any questions under CONTACT US on the funklegend site
  • Yes you can make money with computer. There are many lagit businesses to satart at home with no investment. Here are some best websites offering such business,
  • Go to and/or and enter the information about the job.
  • Try to take the Route going North -CLOSEST to the Coast, on a Tuesday or Wednesday- when the Traffic is lightest, & the Motels are Empty (& try to return in the middle of the week- as well...) You'll see plenty of beautiful scenery, and lots of great Seafood "dives". AVOID the fancy Ones... -Stop at the Plain looking ones where the "Locals" eat... Cuz THEY know where the BEST Seafood is- at the "Right" Price! :) When You get to Maine- Check out Bangor ( where Stephen (the "King" of Horror Novels- lives), & Arcadia National Park (One of the Wildest Places still to be found in the N.E.. ). Don't "over-plan" your Trip... Just explore where your Curiousity takes You- & have a Fantastic time !!! :)
  • You cannot donate money to "an issue." You can donate money to a person or an organization supporting or opposing an issue. Whether they have to disclose it would depend on the nature of the person or organization.
  • The most common jobs for men in Bangor are: # 1 health care # 2 education # 3 food service # 4 construction # 5 public administration # 6 scientific & technical services # 7 vehicle & parts dealers The most common jobs for women in Bangor are: # 1 health care # 2 education # 3 accommodation & food service # 4 social assistance # 5 department stores # 6 finance & insurance # 7 food stores
  • Here are a few sites that will give you a good idea of the job opportunities and pay scale in Bangor, Maine:,-ME-jobs....
  • A black mormon? You do know how ironic that is right? Why are you against same-sex marriage? Is it because they may find lifelong happiness? Because they'd have the same tax credit as a man and a woman on their 5th or 6th marriage down in Vegas? Marriage is sacred and should be reserved for 2 people who love each other. I, unlike so many so-called religious people in This country, don't believe I am god.
  • Sounds familiar. Matthew 21:12 "And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves," God says homosexuality is an abomination but that doesn't mean we turn His house into a political place.
  • Won't you rot in hell for spreading hate, how do you live with your conscience knowing that you are making people's life more miserable, I couldn't do it.
  • Pretty sure it's called lobbying, and is legal. No matter how silly.
  • "Fearing not I become my enemy in the instant that I speak" I find it ironic how quickly the Mormons went from being on the receiving end of the whip of paranoiac populist persecution to being on the giving end of the whip of paranoiac populist persecution
  • Once you earn the money, if you want to give it to a good cause in another state, you can.
  • Bigotry knows not state boundary
  • Oh how very peace and love of you. Just leave them alone it is none of your business.
  • Legal yes, fruitless also yes.
  • Why are you against Gay marriage?
  • Look for cheap stuff at garage sales or your own garage and sell them on e-bay.
  • I would get a job at your local gas station, perhaps as a garbage boy, like sweeping the floor etc. Perhaps cleaning the laundromat, talk to the owner about it. Since it is winter here, shovel peoples walkways for a price, especially if they are elderly and have more trouble with that than younger people. I live in the Eustis area, close to Sugarloaf.
  • You could always shovel walkways and driveways when it snows and ask for a donation. Tell them you are saving for a new laptop!
  • You can have up to 7 Characters (7 inclusive of spaces, dashes etc) The prices all just went up another $10, base registration fee is now $35, then its another $25 for the "vanity" option and then another $20 if you want a specialty plate. Maine has many different types of specialty plates such as Agricultural, Conservation, Wildlife, Lobster and on and on and we are getting more everyday. Most if not all of them can be gotten as a "vanity", vanity meaning the same as personally customized as opposed to just taken a standard sequentially made plate. You can do an oline search at the state BMV site to see if a particular character combination is still available in your plate of choice.
  • Ordering Fees: * $25.00 Vanity Plate Fee * $2.00 Agent Fee * $20.00 Specialty Plate Fee, if applicable I'm not sure how many characters you can use. Try the second site below and see if it helps you with that one.
  • long Horn, We happen to sell them at our superstores. we've one in each state. you will could order out of Augusta. Our substantial workplace is in la. in case you desire to appreciate extra e mail the handle under or communicate stay to tell the tale MSN. thank you, Rob Smith
  • Definitely New Hampshire. It has some of the lowest taxes in the country.
  • I live In New Hampshire, tax free New Hampshire that is. It's better if your looking to save money.
  • you just have to crunch the numbers. I know people stationed at Ft Meade and the pentagon that actually commute from Pennsylvania.
  • Consider your local credit union. They are member-owned, insured, and usually charge much lower fees than banks.
  • Oh, shut the **** up...
  • No problem! It's in a brown envelope in the public phone box just outside the Dog & Duck. Happy to help!
  • Only if I can borrow some for Nightmare, City of Evil and Cardiology.
  • find a rich guy, take him on a date, and while hes asleep take his wallet and head to mexico.
  • -gives ten bucks- i hope you buy the album, they are a great band. too bad they werent on warped this summer. <3
  • Why Would You Even Ask This Question?!
  • I spent all my money on Crohn's disease awareness bracelets for me and my best friend, sorry.
  • No. I'd rather spend my money on a good band.
  • Why don't you just download it instead?
  • We could come to a agreement that would please both of us. :D
  • send him cash
  • Does he have a bank account? Transfer him money that way. Does he have a debit card but no money? Charge a ticket as credit and then deposit the amount as soon as he gets back. When he does get back, he should look into at least having a debit card on him at all times with at least a hundred dollars. There are stupid people out there who do these kind of things all the time (ditching 'friends').
  • jush jump on da back of trucks lol or cry to da cops nd sai u lost nd da plane left u
  • maybe there is a Church he can go to and ask the priest there for help maybe they will let him phone you and you can wire him money!
  • send him some money via WESTERN UNION. they are located every where
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