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  • (We live in Maine) My mom and I bought a used 2004 Toyota Corolla 3 years ago. It's "my" car but the car title is in her name and even though I pay to get the car registered the regstration is in her name as well. This was never a problem but I'm moving to California at the end of June and want to have my car shipped there. Since I'm taking the car to California and am staying there for 5 years I need to have the title transferred to me so I can register the car when I'm out there since my mom will be staying in Maine. I'm at a loss of how to do this in a cost effective way. The registration tags on the car expire at the end of July so I was hoping that I would just have to register my car when I got to California. But if we transfer the title in June at the Maine DMV will I have to register it at the same time? I don't want to have to pay all the registration fees in Maine in June and then have to pay them all over again in July when I'm in California. Any suggestions? I'm not sure if it would be better to just do the transfer in CA but my mom won't be there so I don't know if she needs to go to the DMV with me in person or not. Any help is much appreciated. To recap. The car is titled and registered in Maine but is moving to CA. The car is currently in my mom's name but I need to transfer it to my name since I am the one moving to CA and will need to register it when I'm out there. What is the best way to transfer a title between family members? And can I avoid having to pay registrations fees twice in two months? Thanks!
  • The Toyota has current Maine registration through July, correct? And you are moving to CA in June. So you are covered there, you will not need to re-up the Maine registration. Simple have your mom "gift" the vehicle to you now. You will still have to pay some transfer fees, but they would be at the lowest possible cost to you. Do this soon so you will have the transferred title in hand when you move to CA. Being a California resident for a decade now I am very familiar with the whole process. You legally only have 20 days to register and title your vehicle once you take residency. Here's the specific detail for the CA DMV. Please do be aware your vehicle will have to pass emission testing (smog) before the vehicle can be titled and registered. Do this first. If/when you pass smog testing you can then title and register the vehicle, but not before. You will also need to establish an insurance policy on your vehicle with a CA insurance agent. Yup, much to do upon your arrival.
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  • Sign the title and have your signatures notarized or you will not be able to title it in your name only when you get to CA, because the CADMV won't do it without her present without the notarization. But that's the second part of the equation. To get CA insurance all owners of the car must initially sign. Sooooo, your best bet is to put the car in your only NOW, and get ME insurance in your name only now. When you get to CA you must first get a CA drivers license, then the insurance, then do title/registration AND emissions and safety inspections. You MUST determine if your car will pass CA emissions testing first, because if it doesn't CA will not let you register it there. CA is the WORST state for emissions in the country. They also have more and higher taxes than everywhere else, except for New York City. Don't try to save a few dollars or you could get burnt.
  • The correct thing would be to have it licensed all the time, and registered in Maine first, but you can probably just do it all in California. Your mom does not have to be there. ...
  • My boyfriend is up to visit me in Maine and we need to run away back to his state(but not to his house obviously). The reason we are doing this is because our parents do not want us together, only because we live so far away now. We have my moms credit card and debit and are willing to use them. We have a taxi set to leave at midnight tonight close to my house. We were going to use a bus but it didnt allow the credit card to buy it for some reason. We are going to try the debit card tonight. We are doing this no matter what so no convincing us to stay, please help us to do it the cheapest safest way!!
  • Here are some things you may not have considered. Using your mother's credit and debit card without permission is illegal. Running away from home when you are under 18 is illegal. You are likely to end up in the juvenile justice system. A taxi from Maine to Indiana will be exorbitantly expensive and the driver is not likely to take you unless you pay up front in cash. The cheapest, safest thing to do is to continue to have a long distance relationship, earn good grades at school, get on your parents' good side by being helpful, kind, etc., and plan to attend the same college. Be patient. You have your whole lives ahead.
  • Watch the paper for one within the classifieds. Also installed an advert your self. Check on the internet as good, on account that you're inclined to journey to get one. Also, determine out the humane society animal safe haven for one.
  • He's a maine coon cat, I've had him for like, four years since he was about a kitten. Last night he was acting kinda dizzy and he stayed on top of my sister's bunk bed the entire day and fell asleep up there, while acting dizzy. (I didn't know this until later) This morning I realized and grabbed him off the bunk bed but he was acting weird because he didn't try to move or escape my arms at all and he usually does, and my sister tried to feed him his cat food and he kinda hovered over it and sniffed it and looked like he tried to eat it but he stopped and just plopped over. Same with his water, and I'm seriously really, really worried. I'm trying to get facts here and we're going to see about taking him to a vet tomorrow but I'm wondering if there's something I should do. Right now he is lying on my bed with his food and water on a table literally right next to the bed at same height. He hasn't attempted to use his litter box at all or move. He kind of looks dizzy? And tired. And if you try and say his name he'll kinda look over at you but mostly he looks kind of blank and I'm extremely worried about him. I really just want to know if there's something I should try doing before I take him to the vet tomorrow, to maybe, I don't know, ease up any pain or note anything or, just, I don't know, anything. This cat means everything to me. Any advice at all would be extremely appreciated.
  • If your grandma doesn't want to pay for an emergency vet visit how'd she afford the MINIMUM $600 to buy a Maine Coon kitten? This sounds VERY serious and not something you should be waiting to get checked out. He could be DEAD by tomorrow.
  • I'm not sure there's anything you can do in the meantime. Have you tried calling the vets office? Sometimes the answering service will pass a message onto the vet and you can talk to him or her on the phone and ask their advise.
  • If you allow him to be outside, he may have drunk antifreeze from a puddle on a driveway, he is showing some of the symptoms. If he is strictly an indoor cat, I'm not sure and you definitely need to get him to the vet.
  • take him to the vet this sounds serious
  • It means that in Maine (ME) you can return that bottle/can for 5cents. Here in Michigan its 10cents. We pay 10 cents extra when we buy it and get 10cents back when we return it. Forces recycling...I'm not sure why the don't do it in every state. Even if you don't care about the dime, someone will pick it out of the trash and return it for the cash.
  • What Does Dep Mean
  • It means that Maine is one of the states that pays for recycling. Well not really. The Dep means deposit. You actually pay the 5 cents yourself when you buy it and get it back when you turn it in for recycling. Actually all states that pay for recycling do this. So you actually do not get paid for recycling. You actually pay for it if you do not recycle becasue of the deposit.
  • It means you get 5 cents back for the container if you are in Maine. It is an incentive to recycle.
  • If you bring it to a recycling place you get 5 cents
  • If you recycle it in Maine, then you'll get 5 cents.
  • Maine has a nickel deposit on all containers. Duh. That's why it is so pristine there.
  • it means that if u recycle it u get a 5cent reward.
  • out here in Arizona there is satelite vs. Quest and Cox ect., satelite has many more channels in the first place with the option to buy more, but cox and other cable providers have less at first with the option to still buy more, all in all i believe satelite would have much more channels because it broadcasts globally rather than locally in a particular region, but at the cost of maybe not working if the weather gets rough
  • digital cable i used to have it its alot better ...more chanels for cheaper and satelite sucks when ever its really rainy or snowy it dosent work
  • Comcast is a good choice
  • satelite
  • directv, i live in maine too!
  • Sorry, here is a new link. I have been looking for a new car and through my searches I have come across It looks legit and all of that good stuff but before I went through with it, I wanted to ask if anyone has ever used it and if so, how cheap where the cars really and what shape where they in. I have heard about this guy saying that he bought a 2003 Ford F-150 for like $256 but I dont know, I just want a bunch of opinions so that I make the most educated choice I can. Thanks people!
  • There will be folks to disagree with me but this is the way that I see it. They want you to subscribe to their service, now either you are going to pay for this or they are going to sell your information. That amounts to he same thing. I would not travel to Maine to bid on a used car there and I live in South Texas so I don't need that information from there the auctions that are held here close enough for me to be interested in are published in the news paper. Secondly I would never buy a car at the auction with out seeing it even if I could not start it I would want to see it and look close enough to determine if this vehicle was ever flooded out or in an accident what ever but what is for sure Is that i can not see this from Texas if the auction is in New York. Also most often vehicles that are sold at auction are not fit to be driven for what ever reason and then you need to be able to get it home, and that very well might not be driving it. Look in the news papers around your home and also look for estate sales both are good places to find cheap cars but the condition most often is not what you would want to drive away with.
  • I found this set of fireworks that i want to buy out of state in a fireworks place called phantom fireworks. heres the link anyway. theres usually a big fireworks celebration for the franco american heritage of my city. (everyones either french or irish here) and it just got canceled because of lack of sponsors. im having a bonfire at my house the same night as it was supposed to be. i live in a prety urban neigborhood and theres alot of trees around my house. im wondering if the cops will do anything if they see them. it wont be past 11 that ill be shooting them off and my neigbors are nice and probably wont call the cops. but what i want to know is how easy is it to get the fireworks from phantom fireworks in seabrook NH to maine? and what will the cops do if anything if they want to pursue my guests entertainment? (the cops are all locals and know my dad. and my dad will be supervising if he feels unsafe about it)
  • Here is a cut/paste of the Maine fireworks laws in Title 8 §222. Possession of fireworks 1. Possession prohibited. A person may not possess or have under that person's control fireworks. [ 2003, c. 452, Pt. C, §2 (NEW); 2003, c. 452, Pt. X, §2 (AFF) .] 2. Value does not exceed $100. If the value of the fireworks does not exceed $100, a person who violates subsection 1 commits a civil violation for which a fine of not more than $50 may be adjudged. [ 2003, c. 452, Pt. C, §2 (NEW); 2003, c. 452, Pt. X, §2 (AFF) .] 3. Value exceeds $100. If the value of the fireworks exceeds $100, a person who violates subsection 1 commits a Class E crime. [ 2003, c. 452, Pt. C, §2 (NEW); 2003, c. 452, Pt. X, §2 (AFF) .] 4. Exception. This section does not apply to a person issued a permit pursuant to section 227-A. [ 2003, c. 452, Pt. C, §2 (NEW); 2003, c. 452, Pt. X, §2 (AFF) .] As it says if the value of the fireworks is less than $100 than it is a civil offense and a $50 fine if over $100 value it is a criminal offense, Class E crime. The "value" is not necessarily the price you paid for them and in your case probably you would be in the over $100 value category so it would be a Class E. A typical fine for fireworks Clas E possession that I have seen is $250. In an urban area with a full time patrol force I think it quite likely that you will get a visit from the police, whether or not you will just get a warning of actually charged will depend on a lot of things but I find it quite probable that you might be, or possibly your dad who is "supervising". Overall its probably not a good idea to try it. FYI there is currently a bill proposal in the Maine legislator to make some fireworks legal in Maine it will be interesting to see how it turns out.
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  • Mhm. Dunno... depends on the cop. Me and my friends set off a ton of fireworks for new years in Venice, Ca., and the cops just waved and laughed. But you might get cops who're real strict..but if they know your dad you might be fine. And I don't think its a SERIOUS crime anywhere..
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