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Frequently asked questions about loan rates maine

  • For a 10 years loan of 95,000 with interest rate at 9%, the monthly principal + interest payment will be 1203.42. total will be 144 410 + the 500 for closing cost however there are going to be stuff like home insurance and tax so you are going to be paying more than 1200 a month for sure
  • Hi there! I'm looking into getting a loan. I need about $3,800. I have a job. I live in southern Maine and I need it for a used car. Can anyone give me tips? I'm 17 and have no credit. I've never used credit before. I'm sure my mom will co-sign or whatever it's called. Things I'd like to know is what's the rate and all? Thanks a lot for your time!
  • You are sweet. But no. You need to have credit. You need to be 18. You need...research. Maybe you should save up some more money. After all, that price prob. doesn't include tax, title, license...
  • Under 18 means you can't sign a contract. You could maybe get a p2yaday loan, but the interest and fees are so high, it's not worth it. See if you can get a loan from a relative, or save the money. Get a cheaper car. There are places online to write up a legal contract for a loan from a relative, so they have some assurances that they will get repaid. Don't rip off Grandma! If you're mom will do this for you, go to a used car lot, and get the car there. She will be responsible, but if you pay her every month, life will be good. Only problem is, it will not improve YOUR credit to pay off this loan.
  • it very hard if you have no history best thing to do is gain hostory. opeb a small credit card at your local target,or sears walmart. buy stuff that is like 10.00 20.00 etc don;'t go crazy on it and PAY YOUR BILL ON TIME this is super important to gain the confidents from there you will build your credeit history and it will start you out in the crdeit world.... you need history and good history but even people with bad history have a beter chances to get creidt before a person with no credit.
  • You are definately going to need your Mother for a co-signer. I would make sure that you are working with reputable people that are truly willing to help you build your credit, explain your credit to you and get you going in the right direction. A good place to achieve the goal of building positive credit is Good luck and success.
  • Under 18 = minor = no loan.
  • Don't do it. Credit is a nasty habit to break. Save and buy what you can afford.
  • Duh, you need to be 18 to sign a contract. You didn't know this?
  • A buyer is paying closing costs of $500 (reduced significantly by the buyer) on a home with a sale price of $95,000 in the state of Bath, Maine. If the buyer obtains an FHA loan, what would be the monthly payment if the loan is at 9 percent for 10 years? (Use the tables in your textbook and state your answer to the nearest dollar, i.e. 95).
  • Hmmm... what is the amount of the loan -- $95K, $95,500 or did the buyer make a down payment thus reducing the loan amount? Also, what are the tables in the book? I'm guessing they're amortization tables giving the monthly payment per $1000 of loan at a given interest rate and loan period. If the tables are amortization tables, find the number for 9% over 10 years, multiply that number by the loan amount and divide by 1000.
  • If something is 40% smaller, you in common words subtract 40%. So 40% of 40 energy is 16: you try this by multiplying 40 by 0.4. the answer must be 40 - 16 = 24 A shorter way ought to easily be to multiply by 40 by 0.6, because it truly is a million-0.4.
  • So i live in Maine and am a resident. I have a vw jetta and would like to register it at my grandparents house in Palm Beach Florida. Reasons- lower annual registration cost, better tint requirements, and not a worry for inspection stickers like up here. Can i do that? register my car, get insurance for florida (etc) and list it at my grandparents house and have a forward to my house in Maine??? does that seem feasible? Also not that it is relevant i should not they are on the loan for a better rate. i travel to see them annually, and feel it would be a huge money saver/ benefit. Can i do this?
  • if u live in maine the the car has to be register in maine you have a maine driver license
  • once you've a house and shop a automobile in Illinois, it shall be registered in Illinois. I stay in AZ, the position we've a lot of seasonal electorate, like Florida. lost of human beings shop a motorcar the following and rigidity it the following, yet sign up it of their homestead state, regularly because this is more low-priced there. once you're stuck doing this the following, this is up a $1000 high quality because the state is being disadvantaged of the taxes and prices on that motorcar. i imagine in case you personal a house, that establishes residency in that state. for sure, you could't have different drivers licenses. i'm particular this varies state-to-state, so that you likely could examine with the Illinois MVD.
  • No. That would be called insurance fraud. A class A felony!
  • I live in Maine and have found a car that I really want but the dealership is in New Hampshire. I know that if I bought the car I still have to pay taxes on it in Maine. My questions is how much tax? Is it like a sales tax that I have to pay upfront or something like our 5% sales tax? Could the dealership just add in the amount of taxes to the loan for me or something? The car cost 14,999 Length of the loan will be 72 months Rate is 5.25 percent How do I go about this and/or how much will everything end up costing me?!?!
  • The dealer or the bank can answer you question.
  • First things first. A 72 month loan is obscene. It's foolish and a big financial mistake. Even if the car is brand new a 6 year loan is a mistake. All you have to do is pay the taxes in the state where you live. If it's 5% then it's 5 % of the car's final price. The dealership doesn't add anything in, the lender does.
  • 72 months for a $14,999 econobox (a new car, right)? Man, next thing you know, you will be on here asking how to get rid of a car with an upside down loan because you lost your job...with a car worth $5000 in a year and a loan balance of $13000 to boot. Think this one over, senor.
  • You can go to
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