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  • So...I won a new jacket for my daughter on Ebay..I won it on Halloween which was a Friday and ran down to the store and bought a Western Union Money Order of $44.00 and raced to the Post Office and dropped it off inside by about 5:20 PM. I'm not sure exactly when my payment left the Post Office, OR how long it would take to get to Maine from Washington state. My seller left me positive feedback on Nov.3rd thanking me for a very fast payment. SO I waited and hoped the jacket would show up before my daughter went to Portland. The same day my daughter left, the coat had not arrived. I was just checking in on other items when I noticed she left me a message stating she had NOT received my payment yet, but would send it off as soon as she did. HUH? I thought she received it? I guess I have 2 questions..sorry for rambling. How long does it take for a letter sent on a Friday at the Post Office 5:20pm in Washington state take to get to Maine? I was going to ask her why she left feedback stating she received my payment when she didn't. I don't want to sound like I'm accusing her of anything, but I keep thinking she received my payment, and lost it herself before getting it to the bank, and doesn't want to lose the money so its easier to say she didn't get it, than to say fault...she paid for it.. Or maybe she just accidentally left me feedback that was meant for someone else. My second question is...I call the 800# on the money order everyday to see if it has been cashed, and as of today, it has not. If I send in the original money order receipt filled out for I going to lose $15.00 for a fee charge? Or does that only pertain to getting a photo copy to show proof of who cashed it. I don't want proof as it wasn't cashed, I just want a refund. It was late and I used their website to ask this question, but the first person to answer my ? didn't even come close to helping me, and the person he forwarded my ? to didn't have a clue either. Can anyone answer my question ?? Thanks a bunch
  • Obviously the feedback on the 3rd was meant for someone else. There is no way that a letter mailed at 5:20 pm on FRIDAY October 31, 2008 from washington state would have made it to maine by MONDAY November 3, 2008. Now since it is November 17, 2008 has the money order been cashed? It would have been received long before now. (probably around the 6th) Yes the $15.00 fee would apply.
  • What do you mean you was going to ask but didn't want to sound like you was accusing her...No you have the right to ask as much questions when it come to your money because if you mailed a letter off from washington to maine on halloween then she should have received it by now but I would stop calling and seeing if it has been cashed and request a money back. I rather lose $15.00 then the whole $44 to someone that maybe trying to get over on me but you live and learn so take this as a lesson and go to stores in your area next time to buy items anyway Take Care and Good Luck
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  • My husband went up to the state of Maine to visit a friend of his who lives there, anyway when he left he had only a little bit of money on him when he left, the good person that I am decided to send him up some more money, now I know i should of just did it threw Western Union or Money Gram, but no I didn't I sent in up threw overnight delivery which costed me $15.25 plus the cost of the get well sick card (cuz he sick now) and two packs of cigars and $100.00 dollars in cash wrapped up in "green paper" with a little note saying "here's the greens you asked for". But worse of all it took me 30 minutes to stand in line at the Post Office. They either need to hire more people or get their finger out of their asses and more a little faster. Anyway, my husband better be greatful that I thought about him. Anybody else ever have these problems waiting in line at the post office?
  • Always. Often the people working at the P.O. are bitter and unhelpful, to boot. I just take a book and try to be Zen about the Post Office experience. It really sucks. (Your husband is very lucky! You're so nice!)
  • where i come from you always have to wait in line at least 30 minutes sometime even more.I'm sure he will be grateful,but if i were doing the same for my wife i would stand there all day and still not complain!
  • WESTBROOK — Armed immigration agents Wednesday morning descended upon a popular Main Street Mexican restaurant, which has employed illegal workers since it opened in 2006, according to court documents. Guillermo Fuentes, 35, owner of Fajita Grill in Westbrook, was arrested and charged with conspiracy to harbor illegal aliens and employment of illegal aliens. His brother, Hector Fuentes, who owns Cancun Mexican restaurants in Biddeford and Waterville, was arrested on the same charges. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s investigation into the employment of illegal aliens at Fajita Grill was prompted by a tip from Westbrook Police Capt. Tom Roth, court documents said. The documents said Roth informed the federal agency that during routine traffic stops in April 2008, Westbrook police officers had pulled over Hispanic men who appeared to work at Fajita Grill, claimed to be from Mexico and could not provide any United States identification. During the investigation, a special agent with the Department of Homeland Security interviewed four illegal aliens, all of whom had worked for the Fuentes brothers at a Mexican restaurant in Atlanta call El Potrillo. They said they relocated in 2006 with about a dozen other employees to work for the Fuentes brothers at Fajita Grill in Maine and later at one or both of the Cancun locations. They told the special agent they were paid between $300 and $500 per week in cash for working about 60 hours. A witness to the raid in Westbrook, who declined to be identified, said a helicopter flew overhead as a swarm of federal agents entered Fajita Grill about 10:30 a.m. Wednesday. In the following hours, agents continued to enter and exit the building at 857 Main St., while people planning to eat lunch there looked confused as they yanked on the locked doors and pressed their faces against the large windows peering into the dark restaurant, formerly a sports bar called Rookies. Soon after opening, Fajita Grill quickly became a Westbrook hotspot, known for its fast service, lively waitstaff and super-sized margaritas. So illegals do not pay taxes like supporters claim they do pay taxes and how much money was the IRS cheated out of from this operation working for cash ?
  • Will they be released or deported? If deported good, it hurts us all when taxes aren't paid on wages especially if their family is collecting welfare etc in addition to the off the books wages.
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  • Shoot, when I use to be younger Lil Wayne or The Hot Boyz songs stayed playing on the radio. Thats how good he was before the The Carter 3. Bling Bling Neck Of The Woods Are my 2 of my favorite songs that the younger Lil Wayne was on. I would tell people to listen to them 2 songs.
  • The Block Is Hot would be one. Basically, anything that came out before he started making records for 15 year old suburban kids
  • 500 Degreez.
  • live from 504 this is why i'm hot freestyle boom one night only the block is hot get off the corner young'n blues weezy's ambitions workin em
  • "f*ck the world" one the only songs i like by wayne, off his first cd fore he sold out.. block is hot is good off that cd too
  • if u want old songs, go 'lollipop', or a 'milli', anything new is deffinantly 'prom queen'
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