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  • I am a full time student getting laid off at the end of this month and I don't think I will be able to collect unemployment because of my full time school status, even though I've been working and attending school at the same time. I'm so scared, literally sick to my stomach about what I'm going to do for money. I have applied everywhere and I have found nothing. I am struggling worse that I ever have in my life. I live in Maine so my options are limited, and absolutely no one is hiring around here. I have a car payment, cell phone bill, credit card bills, and car insurance to pay. I also have to pay for books and school supplies. What can I do!? Please help me!
  • That's horrible... especially around the holidays. I feel really bad for you. One thing I can tell you is to take literally ANY job you can get. You just need something to get money in your pocket until you bounce back. When I say ANY job I mean ANY job. Deliver news paper, shovel snow, strip.. ANYTHING. Next.. sell your car and use the money to pay off the loan. Whatever money is left, use it to buy a cheap car for $1,000. Then sell any school books you have. It's the end of the semester so you wont need them anymore. Sell anything you can. Since you have credit card debt and insurance you will need some form of income. Otherwise you will have to file bankruptcy and start from scratch. I hope this helps some. Best of luck to you.
  • If you were working full time and got laid off then you are eligible for unemployment compensation. I had the same thing happen to me. It will be harder for you to keep it especially if they find out that you are going to school full time. If you were only working part time than you are out of luck.
  • Sell stuff around the house on ebay . Have rummage/yard sales . Post an ad in the paper for babysitting , painting , shoveling snow , cutting grass , anything for a little extra cash .
  • try for sales jobs in stores. Might be something during holiday season. If you can sell something like cell phone plans I can get you some commission based on sale. Just try to reduce your bills. Btw.. aren't you getting some support from parents?
  • Keep looking for work. You may have to quit school till you get your debt reduced and some money saved.
  • I guarantee it will help you tremendously... If you love the joy of helping others like I'm doing for you... you will love this. Money is my last concern... just check it out. GOD BLESS!! if you want further details... put in your name and email (phone if you wont a call) I dont need any personnel information = )
  • go on the computer and search for jobs u get hired quicker
  • lemonade stand :P jokeing,
  • I got this all black Maine Coon and never wanted him, but it was a favor for an old roommate that prolonged to a year and eight months... He started to spray so I got him neutered, and all his shots. He never has had a problem with the liter box. I moved many times because I'm a student and he always super adjust to the house, people and the litter box. There was even a time when i lived with three cats and still he was all good. Now out of nowhere he picks and chooses what he does and where he does it. I now live in a house with two cats (him and another). One day he will pee in the box and poop out of the box or he would poop and pee in the box no problem. I though he had an issue with sharing so we bought another litter box. He will poop in one box and pee in the other or some times he will pee and poop in none of them. He always does this right next the the litter box. I thought maybe he was sick of had cyctitis. But then he would use the litter box no problem. I tried different litter box size (always with no cover) and different litter and some organic litter stuff.I am kindda at the end of my rope. The only thing he is doing correctly is not helping pay for rent and college loans.For a cat that i really don't want or like i am trying cause i know its rough on the streets another places for animals. I don't even want to waste the time and energy to yell or punish him,cuz its not like it would do anything anyway lol. I did tell him some form of income or hes gone and i am not joking.
  • maybe i should have explained even more.... he was neutered at 7 months that was like 3 and half weeks after got him, cause i know that cat marking smells bad. He has only had one litter box when he was alone. Since then he has always had an option or multiple litter boxes. I don't neglect him. There is a huge difference between not wanting and negelt. This dude has a play partner and his own worn in lazy boy... I bought the mouse toys he hates them.... Instead I buy multiple loafs of bread at a time cuz he likes the yellow twisties they come with and the only part about grooming he hates is when he cant eat the massive fur balls... We watch the history channel together. He eats better than me. The dude is cared for and healthy. I want to know why he randomly chooses when he wants to use either litter box one....litter box two or none at all.
  • Hmmm... I think he has done really well for not being neutered until after a problem arose and being shuffled from one home to the next and being forced to adjust to new people and other animals. I give him even more credit for having to deal with only one littler box (which I would bet was not cleaned twice a day and changed out weekly) for two cats for a while without issues. Peer reviewed articles have been written on how all the above contribute to behavioral issues in cats including litter box issues. "For a cat that i really don't want or like" Therein lies the problem. Because you didn't really like this cat or want him you appear to have put little research or effort into his care. Your actions that you detailed in your post actually created the problem you are now complaining about. It is too bad that you did not give him up years ago before you tainted him as I doubt he will have much of a chance to find a decent home now. And BTW- you likely do not have a black maine coon. You have a domestic longhair- a cat of no specific breed. edit: You mentioned that you had two cats and you thought his litter box issue was that he didn't want to share so you purchased another box so this is where the 'one' litter box statement came from. From your edit, it sounds like you do like this cat, you just do not want to admit it for whatever reason. My suggestion if you want to turn this around is to have three litter boxes, use an enzyme cleaner where has has gone outside the litter box, clean each litter box faithfully a couple times a day, and invest in a few Feliway diffusers and spray- these work extremely well for stress and I have heard from others that had litter box issues that they work well for that as well. I would also have him checked for a UTI. It sounds as if you suspected this at one time but ruled it out due to the fact that he sometimes uses the box. A urinary tract issue can result in sporadic litter box issues as you are seeing so it is best to have this checked. Although I do not agree with a lot of the information on this website, I do agree with most of the information on litter box issues so perhaps it will be of help:
  • There could be a few reasons he is doing his business out of the litter box. First, if one of the other cats you are living with has this bad habit, it is likely that the other cats will follow suit. Find out if there was a problem such as this prior to you moving in. Another possibility is not having enough litter boxes. Another possibility is he could have some sort of infection, such as a urinary tract infection. He may also be stressed for some reason. I think that it's great that you are taking care of him, even though you don't want to because you don't want him to live a troubled life. Maybe the best thing to do is put an ad in your local paper looking for a good home for him. Cats know when the are and when they are not loved. Another option you may have is to see if there is a "No Kill" animal shelter in your area. A shelter such as this would put the kitty into foster care until they found him a good home. The foster care for the animals is carefully selected by the shelters to ensure that the animals will be treated properly. As I said, I think it is great that your taking care of him even though you don't want to, although it seems he may be much happier with a family that does want him. Please don't take offense to that, that's not my intention, I'm just trying to give you suggestions to make you and the kitty happy. I wish you good luck with this situation.
  • He could be upset with you for some reason. My cat did this after my ex husband and I started fighting. She started peeing on his clothes. She had never had any issues with litter box use before and was a strictly indoor cat. When cats are upset they will display their displeasure with this tactic. Maybe look at some things that may be different. EX: Did your work schedule change? Did you change his food or box location? Have you started having more guests or overnight guests? Has there been any change in affection towards him or new limitations on his freedom (closed doors or something)? Those would be some triggers for a Cat to "act out" with this type of behavior.
  • Try to find some one willing to take him (and love him). An adult cat taken to a shelter has little chance of being adopted. If you don't want to take the time to re train him there's not much that will change this. Have you taken him to the vet to see if there is some medical reason? Some cats will have behavioral issues when ill.
  • sounds like you made a nice friend. my cat before he died would always put his front paws in the cat litter and hang his butt out of the box and poop on the floor. some cats are like that and there is nothing you can really do to get him to fix it. just clean up after him and keep on truckn
  • lol ure humorous thats marvelous =] no u wont be the lonely previous cat woman...geez im a sixteen 365 days previous guy and that i in no way had a gf b4...that doesnt advise im gonna be the psychopath perverted rapist as quickly as I enhance up... so dont issue approximately it =] i bypass to a small college contained in the direction of nowhere additionally lol plus homecoming is retarded and a waste of funds...
  • its a cat what did you expect? how about you lay a towel underneath the litter box so he goes on the towel? and the cat could of made you money but you neutered him so now he can't breed
  • lol cool story
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