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State Alaska
Legal status
Allowed (Our partner lenders provide payments in Alaska)
Loan amount limit $500
Loan terms Min: 14 days
Finance rates $5 + the lesser of $15 per $100 or 15%
Finance charges $20
Maximum APR (Annual percentage rate) 520%

1408 S Cushman Street No. B, Fairbanks, AK 99701



2911 Spenard Road, Anchorage, AK 99503



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  • Why would China invade us they already own us,at most we will beg them to take more junk cars in return for cash. On second thought they will be pissed when all those T-bills become wothless,if they can't unload them fast enough.
  • Why Do People Automatically Assume That USA And China Will Go To War? Why Do People Assume China Will Win? The Dirty Little Fact Is China Is Nothing Without The USA. Like Many Nations Out There USA Is The Metaphorical Ruler Of The World. If America Falls Then Many Countries Could Face Financial And Economical Disaster. And If USA And China Went To War Why Assume China Has The Upper Hand? Because Its Military Out Numbers Ours? Since Win Has War Been Fought With Numbers And Not Technology? Pff. Another Interesting Thing Is China Can't Supply Arms To All Their Men, Also The Arms Supplied Are 15 Years Behind Our Own. And If China Some How Won Do You Honestly Think Anything Will Happen. China Will Not Invade USA, Its A Death Sentence. Russian Occupation? No, What Can Venezuelan Do To US? Seriously If Anything Major Happens You Can Expect A Nuclear Holocaust.
  • I don't see a war with China. The collapse of the British Empire after World War II is the most likely outcome of this country. We will just cease to being a major economic & military power with China replaces us as the number one economic & military power. As for Russia, it is a 3rd rate economic power, a 3rd rate military power, ran by a bunch of crooks and has a declining population. China will not put up with the BS we put up with so when China tells a country to do something or don't do something, they would be very smart to follow China's instructions.
  • coming war with China...? Not hardly. Without the vast US economy China wouldn't have an economy, fir Christ's Sake.
  • China is overdue for a revolution of its people
  • We owe them lots of money. They aren't going to attack us and trash their investments. Once we pay them back that's a different story, but I wouldn't worry about it for a while lol.
  • Idiocy. If America ceased to exist, the rest of the World would as well.
  • Be sure to tell the paramedics exactly what you took. They need to know what drugs are in your system.
  • I seem to do this constantly. I'm single and have some money in the bank but I want a new car that I love the design of desperately and could get one tomorrow and have small payments but I'm so worried about becoming broke I want to wait to pay cash. I know this is so unAmerican because everybody else seems to mortgage their life away and then expect to be bailed out but to me that is totally irresponsible. Am I cheap or insecure by doing this? I have no reason to suspect being laid off even though business is a little slow.
  • I am very careful with my money and watch how I spend it. I always pay off bills in full each month. However, I do enjoy taking traveling. I want to enjoy life and see different things, I rather live in small house or apartment and have new travel experiences. You just have to live day by day and make the most out of it. So, it's important to save....but at the same time you don't want to be 65 and regret that you didn't take that trip rafting down the colorado or exploring Alaska while you were young and active. You just have to balance things the best you can.
  • I totally agree with you,i do the same thing. i find the car i LOVE,then wait 6 months and buy it as a repo or a rental return to save money on it, i plan vacations that never seem to happen due to the economy. i have a zero balance on my cards and am always fearing that i need the money in my savings just in case. you are not alone. i on the other hand have 9 children,and live hand to mouth to keep food and shoes in the house. do i get 3 hotel rooms in tahoe for the week,or just buy a bunch of tents and let them enjoy my lawn ??? let me turn the sprinklers off first....
  • I used to do this but then I realized that, I may never actually reach that nebulous "financially safe" zone or by the time I do, I will be too old to actually enjoy the travel. So, now we travel and experience the things that I had been putting off -- sure we don't own a mansion or a single-family home, but we have a nice flat and we live comfortably.
  • All the time. I'm fighting that too, for a once in a lifetime trip this October, but with the economy being what it is, I'm scared that something is going to happen and I won't be able to afford other things. You're not wrong in feeling this way, I think a LOT of people feel that. Credit, as we've learned, isn't the solution to all our problems- there's nothing wrong with wanting to be accountable for your finances. My best suggestion (and it's one I'm trying to follow for myself!) is to weigh the opportunity or purchase, and wonder if there's anything that I'm going to regret if I do take it, or if I don't.
  • I put off vacations and purchases so I can pay cash. I can sleep at night.
  • "everybody else seems to mortgage their life away and then expect to be bailed out" WOW. I don't even think so!!!! I "mortgaged my life away" knowing i can pay for it MYSELF!! And, no, you aren't cheap. You are MISSING out on life.
  • I do not want to do this long term, and there would be no ads of taxi service or anything else. This is for someone who responded to my craigslist ad that I was a pro delivery driver. So, I was not looking for profit. However, guy calls me up on the phone and says he will pay me if i help him in his travels for the mouth. Though I am fast to reconsider this offer, that is, because I am not licensed. For example, wouldn't I be using my car to make profit, and since I need the money that's the only way I would do it. I don't know this person, so it is risky. There could be a lawsuit issued against me if something were to happen, if he got injured, since I am not licensed. However, this is the part I am uncertain about, since I am not doing this as a business and just helping him out this one time, could this be considered legal? I am an honest fellow, so I need to know based on what you say, to tell him yes, or no to-morrow. Thanks.
  • look, you can spend an hour justifying it 940 ways from sunday, if you take money for anything and something happens, you are screwed, especially if the truth comes out you accepted cash for services, this make you a taxi, which will affect how your insurance works, you cannot afford this guy, you dont know him, from the killer on death row, or the con man from the rubicon who was just released from an alaska prison. NO its not legal, its one thing if a long time friend asked for help, its another when some goof comes out of the blue, from a website chock full of conmen and possible murdurers (its already happened) to some wierd dude who liked to have young girsl change his stinky diapers. forget it, the money can be that good, and what,? this person has no friends or what to help him out? your getting played somehow I believe it. keep the faith, keep looking for a legal driving job and go that route. If you drove that persons car fine. but not yours. Its not worth the risk and sounds wierd, especially since you have not mentioned what it is you are supposed to do.
  • Hello, I am China. I gonna participate a Work&Travel program in June, and I would have have chances to choose one of places to stay and work in USA, such as Maine, Rhode Island, Alaska. At the same time, the managers of the program would provide different jobs to us, like processing fish products in Alaska, to be a waiter in fast-food restaurant, to be a house keeper in hotel. I wanna get a job which can let me contact with lots of American and experience the American culture and see some beautiful scene. It's said that there are much beautiful scene in Alaska, so I decide to go there, but I don't know whether there have authentic American culture, and not sure whether this job-processing fish can let me contact many local American. Please tell where should I go.
  • The USA comprises many different cultures and traditions as it covers so much land, and is made of so many different kinds of people (part of what makes America great). Alaska is definitely a beautiful place to go, but it is also very cold! Working in a fish processing plant would be very difficult work and probably afford you almost no time at all to interact with any locals. I would highly recommend you choose somewhere else to go. If you want to experience the typical American culture, but also see some beautiful sights, I would recommend you visit Colorado, specifically Colorado Springs or Denver. These towns offer you the beauty and majesty of the Rocky Mountains (iconic parts of Americas beautiful landscape), and also afford you the comforts of city life. If I were you, I would work in a restaurant, specifically a chain restaurant. Americans love their food... especially their brand-name food. Check out California Pizza Kitchen, Dave's Famous BBQ, Texas Roadhouse, and Olive Garden. These places are always packed with hungry Americans, you'll make decent tips, and have a LOT more fun than processing fish... Stay away from fast food chains like McDonalds, Sonic, etc. Waiting tables pays better, you get cash tips, and you get a LOT more time to speak and interact. Good luck!
  • Alaska people are just like any regular american people, they speak english and the weather in June is not as cold. Alaska might be tough to find a job, but it's hard to find a job anywhere in the US right now.
  • You can experience American culture anywhere in the US. It varies with the region. Many regions have many immigrants, who often make up the majority of the workers in low-skilled jobs. I would not be surprised if you found yourself surrounded by Spanish-speakers (from Central and South America) in all of the jobs you listed. That is also "authentic American culture" but it may not be what you had in mind.
  • So you would have to work really hard and balance school work? That's how life works. If you want it bad enough - I'm sure you can find a way to balance school work with a few chores, a few babysitting jobs, a few lawn mows - or whatever you can find that will pay a little something. There are no tips or advice on how to get money handed to you. Why is the word "easily" put in there? Bothers me a lot to see that so much out here. "How to get money easy and fast?. Unless money starts falling from the sky - one has to work if one wants money. The work doesn't have to be that "really hard". Like digging ditches or going on fishing boats in Alaska. Look around - are there babysitting jobs available. Don't know? Then go ask. Is there yardwork or basement cleaning. Don't know? Then go ask neighbors. Not hard to have a garage sale. Just have to have items set out that you think will sell. Then sit there while people look and buy. Nothing hard about that. Ask parents if there is something you can do for some extra cash - wash the cars weekly, clean the basement, weekly chores like washing the floors or vac. If you don't want to put forth a little effort - even if it takes a little of your time and may be what you call hard - then you don't need badges and toys. Or I suppose - money could fall from the sky.
  • Chores area a good idea maybe explain to your parents what youre trying to do and offer to pick up any extra chores to earn money faster. maybe collect bottles and can shoveling or mowing for neighbors
  • $100 is not a small amount of money, so it's not going to be easy. However, you do have some time. Chores are probably your best bet.
  • I'm a nanny, not a mom, but I have some tips! I saved $50 a month on my internet/phone bill by calling them and saying, "I don't want to pay so much for my services." - pause on other end - "So? What can you do for me? I don't want to spend $X on this bill." They found a 'billing error' in my account, which saves us $50 each month. And I fought them to get reimbursed a couple months back. Only took 2 phone calls. If you have infants or young children, don't buy the expensive prepackaged baby or toddler food, make your own with a food processor. Just pop a little bit of your dinner in there and puree for baby food, or overcook a bit for toddler food. Shop store brand and google coupons, because there are a lot of sites with coupons you can print off for free. Get dented cans and just-about-to-expire dairy and meats. They are 30% - 50% off here. Stick them in your freezer and use later. When cooking things like chili or soups, add a little extra water to make it stretch a bit further. Buy dry foods like lentils, beans, rice, flour, sugar, yeast etc. and make things from scratch at home. Check gas station prices. Yeah, the sodas and candy are usually more expensive, but milk is sometimes cheaper. See if you qualify for food stamps or to use a food bank. You don't have to go often if you feel weird, but once in a while will help. Check your electricity bill - what can you turn off or unplug to get it lower? If you pay for water/water heater, try taking Alaska Bush showers (my own name). A friend of mine had a shower that you filled the basin with warm water from the top of the wood stove. Then you turned on the pump. You get wet all over, then turn off the water. You soap up and get all shampooed, then turn the water back on and rinse. You can shave your legs using a small basin of water outside the bathtub. That saved water and it was fast. Air dry your clothing and wear pants more times before washing. Use cash to buy things. When I watch the cash disappear from my wallet, I get sad, so I don't spend it! I got $42 from cashing in my container of loose change. Find free activities. In my town, the pool is free during certain times, so I go there almost every day.
  • grocery shopping at markets other than ralphs or vons. If you have a king market near thats a very cheap place to shop for grocerys. Always look for coupons. Eat left overs. Clothes are cheap at ross target tj max ect. Sign up for coupons.$10 off first purchase at and they have 15percent cash back back on pampers diapers at but that promo ends soon. If you sign up for they will send you similac coupons and some formula. they sent me $25 in coupns the first time and then would send a couple 5 dollars a month. they sent me a bunch of formula also. Hope this helps.
  • coupons coupons coupons.... any points systems take advantage of. By everything generic, except the stuff you cant handle ( toilet paper here). Go online before a purchase, usually flyers and stuff. Google coupons/flyers in your area. Eat leftovers. Go for cheap outings. Like walks, picnics, beach. Call bills and see if theres any way you can lower you cell phone plan, cable, long distance. There is a bunch of things you can do without even getting off the computer.
  • Take a dollar bill and grip either side of it in between your index finger and thumb and pull gently. Nah, I'm just kidding :) . You could always just start buying everything on the cheap. Such as only shopping at places like Wal Mart or Big Lots. Also, reusing anything that you can reuse without it being unhygenic. At every turn you should consider which way is the most cost efficient way to go.
  • for me i only buy diapers on sale with coupons this is all the time right no i have 3 big boxes unopened which if my son goes into the next size i just return them for the bigger size! as for food i only buy what we need and maybe a couple treats on sale, look in the store flyer for the sale items! otherwise dont eat out stay at home! i got my husband to start taking coffee from home because timmys adds up it was almost a 100.00 a month he was spending! otherwise i just try and stay at home maybe take baby for a walk if its not too hot right now or i go though some of his stuff i need to get rid of!
  • Use cloth diapers, get TONS of coupons, shop for shampoo and crap at this store called the dollar tree. Get a safeway card, and shop for food at safeway, (I always save like $50 from just having a safeway card!) Where I live you pay for electricity by how much you use it, so if that's how yours works too, try not to have alot of things going. Instead of using brand name foods you can get like "great value". some cheap lunches are... 1/2 bag of egg shell noodles, 1 can tuna, 1 can peas (about $6) cook the noodles, put the tuna and peas in, and viola! lunch. I honestly don't do this... but my mom used to wash the diaper wipes and re-use them when I was younger.
  • Food: Go vegetarian, at least part time. Meat is pricey and we in the West eat it way too much anyway. Cut it down to 2-3 times a week or not at all. When you do buy meat buy whole chickens instead of breasts. You can cut it up yourself, or roast it and eat meals off of it all week (one roast chicken gives us three meals a week here plus 2 quarts of stock to freeze). Boil down the bones and nasty meat with some veggies for 4 hours and you have stock to make soups and stews. Buy dry beans and lentils, not canned. Dried goes for on average $1/lb here. When things are on sale (like lasagna ingredients or whatever) buy enough to make several, eat one for dinner freeze the rest. When things are in season buy local. Squash is everywhere here right now, I just bought 6 zucchinis, 6 yellow squash, 3 large eggplants, and 4 patty-pans for $7 from the local farmer's market. From that I made 12 9-inch pans of ratatouille to freeze. Not bad. The best thing you can do to save some scratch is learn how to cook. You'll learn how to use the same thing in a million different ways and the appeal of eating out is lessened when you can make it better at home. Entertainment: Library. Free books, free movies, free story times for the kiddos. Some have free passes to museums and toy exchanges too. If yours doesn't they'll know who does. Museums and theaters (zoos and aquariums too) often have "family days" where prices are heavily discounted, sometimes even free or donations. They're "off" days, but that just means less crowd for you. Also a lot of areas offer memberships to these sort of places. You pay a flat fee once a year and you can go as often as you want. These are worth it if you can swing the fee (which typically isn't very high). For movies Netflix is the way to go at home and drive-ins are awesome in the summer and fall if there's one near you. Bills: Keep the heat lower and wear a sweater. Keep the a/c higher and wear a tank. Do all your laundry at once. Busy day, yes, but it's better on your dryer and uses less energy. If you have a landline and cell phones ditch one or the other. Talk to your cable provider about a smaller package. Who really watches 200 channels anyway? Misc: Coupons are great, but only if they're for things you'd buy anyway. Don't buy stuff you don't want or need just because you have a coupon. Avoid "3 for $6" type deals. You only need one, right? They're not deals, they're clever wording to get you to spend more. If you need 3, awesome, if you don't then don't get them. Shop with a list. If you know what you need and just go right for it you're less likely to buy impulse buys or things you "think" you may need. If you're really itching to get out of the house and see a movie or eat out, go out to lunch instead of dinner. Or grab an overpriced pastry for a snack. It's still cheaper than dinner. See matinees instead of the evening show, sometimes there's a $5 difference in prices. "Use cash to buy things. When I watch the cash disappear from my wallet, I get sad, so I don't spend it!" This is probably the best piece of advice here. If you can't pay cash for it then you can't afford it.
  • well for me even if i have money i save my change like pennies quarters dimes nickels what ever and when i have a lot i take them to the store and cash them in
  • buy things on sale. buy wholesale and stock up so you are not needing to shop every week for food/supplies. and by the way, just so you know, stealing the internet is illegal. you just happened to find someone who doesnt have a secure server.
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