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State Alaska
Legal status
Allowed (Our partner lenders provide payments in Alaska)
Loan amount limit $500
Loan terms Min: 14 days
Finance rates $5 + the lesser of $15 per $100 or 15%
Finance charges $20
Maximum APR (Annual percentage rate) 520%

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Frequently asked questions about cash advance Alaska

  • I know Aloha, ATA, and Skybus are through. What airlines are likley to come to the same fate in the near future? Near future meaning from today to about 2015. Are these airlines likley? Southwest, Hawaiian, Alaska, US Airways, United, Delta.? Thanks! Also, I heard Aloha Airlines is trying to come back. Is is true?
  • With the shut down of ATA and Aloha, Hawaiian has strengthened its position in the pacific, so it's unlikely that they will suffer the same fate. As for Aloha making a comeback, no. They are finished. The cargo division is, however, still in operation. It and the ground services division are going to be sold off and the company dissolved as a whole. Delta and Northwest are sparring over a merger, that will probably take place. If it doesn't, then both of those airlines are in trouble. US Airways was recently acquired by the Phoenix based America West, which then discarded its name in favor of US Airways since it has a much longer history. They've been restructuring, so they look solid. United has been on shaky ground for quite some time. If they don't remove some of the older aircraft from the fleet, and trim some of the expenses they have, they might be in trouble, too. Southwest has been profitable nearly every single year of their existance, they even negotiate their fuel prices (as do most airlines) years in advance, so they will most likely be around on your target date. There are two that I think are having some issues. Spirit, who flys mostly older aircraft, and Frontier. Frontier recently sold off four aircraft (but leased them back), which usually means they needed to liquidate assets in order to tap into the cash value of them. That normally means that an airline is in cash flow trouble when they do that. I'm not up on Alaska's position right now, but if the past is any indicator, they lasted this long with minimal hiccups (except for the crash in the Pacific and subsequent safety investiagions), so they'll probably be around on your target date. The truth of the matter is that airlines are seriously affected by not only fuel prices, but the economy. If less people are travelling because they can't afford to make the house payment, then that is revenue that the airlines were counting on that won't be there. Any of the airlines at any time could falter depending on public perception of safety, fuel prices, and look at what happened on 9/11 - NO ONE flew anywhere. I was practically by myself two days after they lifted the flight ban because people were afraid to fly. Throw in the unions that strangle them every so often, and if any one or two of these things happen at once, then its all over for any of them (except for maybe Southwest). Toss in an airplane disaster and bam, its shut-down time. So, there is no single predictor that points to an airline's promise to be around, its highly volitile and a struggle everyday.
  • Doomed airlines in my opinion: Frontier, JetBlue, Virgin America, Mesa, TransStates, GO!. There's no way around it, these companies just don't stand a chance to stay in business against their more powerful competitors. Iffy futures: Northwest, United, Hawaiian, USAir, Spirit. I'd guess at least one, possibly 2 of these carriers will shut their doors by 2015. Solid futures, don't count on any of these companies going anywhere: Southwest, American, Delta, Continental, Alaska, ASA, SkyWest, Republic
  • no aloha is not coming back... I work for chase credit card company and have many returns to file for people for the airlines of ATA, Aloha, and Skybus. Other larger airlines prob will not shut down, but the few other smaller ones may due to our economy and the way money is going down the drain in this country,
  • I kind of understand where you are coming from but......... The airlines were shut down after 9/11. Not really a kneejerk on this one. Gotta take a step back at this point. I do agree that he is incompetent but that was probably the only decent decision he made.
  • I really don't see SouthWest and Delta going out. Those guys are likely to be theer for quite a while, US probably will be out soon, same for Alaska and maybe Spirit
  • Oh! and all these queries on becoming pilots, cabin attendants and engineers going to nowhere? Perhaps other Airlines will rise like the "low cost-no frills" airlines.
  • Yes yes yes yes yes yes! The airlines will shut down before or during 2012 , this year will decide the fate of the earth and we will either crumble or advance our technological understanding of the earth the universe and everything. Some see this year as year for big change no one knows for sure what will happend, but the myans long count calender dose not count beyond the date 21.12.2021 and the myans were the most technologically advanced astronomers who have ever walking the earth. They're calculations on time in the forms of calenders were spot on to about 9 secs and they were formed over 2500 years ago way before the egyptions. So to answer your question there wont even be enought fuel to run planes and 2012 consists of a lot of big changes for humanity and the modern world as we know it!
  • Alitalia is in deep stuff right now, although I'm doubtful that they'll shut down altogether. ATA was choking for a long time. I was surprised that they made it this far, but they held onto those lucrative contracts for overseas routes. I wouldn't be surprised if we lost a couple of discount carriers here and there, or saw a merger or two.
  • ALL airlines in the US are at risk. With gas prices and everything... Anyone of them could go at any moment.
  • Maybe it's because they are being forced to actually carry out the routine maintenance now that they should have been doing all along.
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