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State Alaska
Legal status
Allowed (Our partner lenders provide payments in Alaska)
Loan amount limit $500
Loan terms Min: 14 days
Finance rates $5 + the lesser of $15 per $100 or 15%
Finance charges $20
Maximum APR (Annual percentage rate) 520%

1408 S Cushman Street No. B, Fairbanks, AK 99701



2911 Spenard Road, Anchorage, AK 99503



Frequently asked questions about best Alaska cash advance

  • I own a HP Pavilion dv2000 notebook. I have Winglucofact software and associated cable to transfer data from meter to notebook. When the drive software installed the driver it assign it to USB Com9. The problem is that the software only recognizes usb ports com1 thru com8. I called HP to get assistance with the port number assignment problem but they want to charge me to tell me how to change the USB com port number. I bought the pc arrived in mid july after prolonged delay in Anchorage Alaska. HP customer service is very poor. No help unless you cough up cash. Next time I will by a Dell computer as they have better customer service. Can any of you help me with this driver usb port numbering problem. I understand that I can not randomly change the number without messing up other software and associated devices assigned to com numbers. How do I find out which software/hardware are assigned number COM1 thru COM8? Next, when I know the answer above then how do I physically change the usb com #? thanks cindy
  • hi go to control panal, device manager then look for your software wich should be located in (COM&LTP) . when found open it and right click on the software and select properties then open the port settings tab and select advanced, now you can select the com port to be used! change your com port to one lower than com 9! com 3 or com 4 should be fine for this! let me know how you get on and I can further advise if needed
  • Eh. Krav Maga doesn't have a lot of depth. I always recommend FMA for people wanting to learn how to fight, like Lameco Escrima. You might consider looking at local pistol classes to save yourself some cash. Firearms training gets expensive fast, and the money you save on a ticket and incidentals can go straight to ammo. I went to a CCL class in Alaska and a Armed Security licensing class back home and was surprised at how much I learned about pistols, even after 3 1/2 years of carrying around an M16. In Alaska, the instructor was actually an advanced black belt in karate, and had very clearly developed a kata around drawing and holstering his gun.
  • No because there is no better style of combination thereof. The importance is the quality of the instructor. I personally don't believe in mixing styles, I feel you will only grasp the basics of each art, and never dig deeper to what your art has to offer.
  • yes try muay thai krav magra has a nice ring to it but its nuthing more than kicking the nutsac and elbowing the back of the head (trying to break spine or brain stem)multiple times until the attacker lets go
  • I'm planning to go to a recruiter some time this month to enlist for the Coast Guard. My girlfriends sister boyfriend is currently working in Alaska and his brother works in Cali and they both love their jobs about a year of looking at it I've decided to join. Im not looking to make a fortune as a Coast Guard, personally I dont care how much they make but my parents are concerned about what Ill do after. My girlfriends sister boyfriend said he got some money when he signed which he used to buy a car to travel from base to where we live when he had a chance and then he said pay is based on rank. I know after boot camp you come out E-2 then within a few months you become E-3. So what I would like to know is how much around would I make a year and is there a bonus for signing? And any tips since Ill be going to a recruitment offfice soon!
  • First off, to help you not embarrass yourself when you speak with a Recruiter, you can't be "A Coast Guard." It's like telling someone you are going to be "An Army." You can JOIN the Coast Guard, but you'll be a "Coastie." For the guy that got the bonus, he obviously enlisted as either an OS (radio dispatch), or an FS (cook). He obviously got lucky and likes what he does. Most that choose the enlistment bonus ratings end up hating their jobs because they joined for the money and not the career field. As of today, FS and OS have enlistment bonuses - but that may change tomorrow... and again next week - it's all based on need and how many fools are willing to take the money. Why do I call them "fools"? Because they have no idea whether they will actually LIKE the jobs when they enlist and grab that cash. For the other 99% of Coasties that join, they start out with an open contract and after they are advanced to E-3, they choose which rating they want and put their name on a waiting list to go to A School. This gives them a chance to see that rating in action - and talk to the people that do it to hear the cool stuff AND the crappy stuff - and ALL ratings have crappy stuff involved. Coming in without knowing this makes a person a fool in my book. Some of those fools get lucky - most don't, and then either get in trouble and get kicked out... and then have to pay that bonus back to the Coast Guard. Your best bet is to see if you are even qualified to join - most aren't. After that, see what ratings you are qualified for and THEN see what you want to do. Good luck! Brian Raini
  • You're paid based on rank and time-in-service. So, all E-3s throughout the military who have been in for the same general time period get paid the same. That's just your base salary, though. You can get different incentive pays as well, depending on what you do in the Coast Guard. Pay charts are online. Again, all E-3s get paid the same if they've been in the same number of years, so the pay charts don't have to be specific to the CG.
  • Can you please give me a dollar amount? I don't know what E-3 means. Thanks
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