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  • I am 18 going to be 19 in 24 of this month ! YAY.............Anyways I currently have a retail job that I have been working since Nov 2011 know I just work night hours :). So i applied for jobs and got one at Jack all in the system and I got one check but it was 2 hours bus plus when the lady knew how long it took me she never called me back :(. And a couple of weeks ago I got a job at MCdonalds :( and I dont know why I apply for places I know I am not going to like fast food is not for me ! So I started working Monday and I am planning to leave as soon as I find another job which hopefully is very very soon like this month ! I will not be putting the jack for obvious reasons .. nither Mcdonalds becasue I was a insignigant amount of time but will employers be able to see it ... I am applying for Lowes, Sprouts, Burlington, Walmart, Petco , Petsmart, Ross and target will It affect me in any way its just that I was pressured by my mother to accept the job at Mcdonals cuase its so close to my house but I know Im never going to like it ! and why be a conformist if life is so short we should at least be happy, content or comfartable in our work enviorment! What should I do ! Should i just leave or wait till i get another job ? Dont mind my writing i was typing fast :( :)
  • I'm a little confused about what you want to put down in your resume and what you want to leave out, so I'll have to walk myself through it lol. 1. Your retail job where you have been working since Nov 11, I assume, is your current employment. That's night hours, but its important to put that down because a future employer will be able to see that you're responsible and have had steady employment before. I'm assuming that since you've worked for them for a while, you've been responsible, punctual and pleasant on the job. That's really all any of your future employers want to know. This job shows you have a great track record. 2. I don't know what 'Jack' is, but it doesn't sound like you did much work for them and if they didn't offer you more work, I think it's okay to leave it off your resume entirely. 3. I think it's a good idea to put down your McDonald's job if you intend to stay until you get a new job. For your current employment application it will look good - employers know that McDonalds do excellent training and background/criminal checks. You should simply explain to whoever is interviewing you that its not the job for you because food services is not what you thought it was, but that you need the money, so you'll be staying there until you find something more suitable for you. Once you have a few full time positions under your belt, and have had a few more years in the work force, you'll find that future employers will only be interested in knowing about your full time jobs. When you redo your resume in the future, you can leave your short stint at McDonald's off, but for now, I think it will look good for you if you stay. Its close to home, its cash in your hand, and it looks good on your resume because its full time work. If you stay, youre demonstrating you need money, which will make your future employers think you need a job. That means you'll be unlikely to leave them in a hurry, which will be appealing. Right now, your future employers can't talk to McDonalds or ask them for a reference because you still work there. Once you leave, if they do find out you worked there or you put it as a past job on your resume, they can call them and ask what your job performance was like. I don't think there's any issue with your only staying a few weeks furture employment wise, as long as you did a solid job when you were there. If you are really worried about them finding out, you should stay.
  • Do now not beneath any condition lie for your resume. Depending for your nation it's really unlawful. If you're definitely certified for a role that you're making use of for irrespective of any revel in nine/10 you're going to no less than get an interview. Falsifying a resume is fraudulent and get you cost with fraud as you a defrauding the organization that you're making use of to or were hired by means of your fathers buddy might also up being fired from his task and charged along side you. It is NOT OK to lie on a resume as it's going to arise at a few factor and well success speakme your means out of crook bills. ALWAYS inform the reality for your resume its now not valued at a list and finishing in now not being equipped to get a role ultimately. It might appear good enough now however industries are small and the identical ppl have a tendency to cycle round them and your fame is what makes you priceless you do not wish a fame as a fraud and cheating individual
  • I do mind your writing..... typing fast is no excuse. (my wife does 70 words a minute and it of much better quality.) But that is the crux of your problem, not enough invested in yourself. If you don't like fast food, don't go into the industry. And if you landed there, out of necessity and need, put it in your resume. The job market has a major drawback...... either you have a job and battle with accommodation or you have accommodation but can't find a job. (nearby) Both are your problems, because an eighteen year old should know how to find work, abode and food. Plus all the other things that make people grow up. Peace. Note: Holes in a CV are glaring omissions. They draw attention.
  • if u work near ur home is more convenient, bro.
  • I'm getting ready to have my first baby. My husband and I know we want to have more than one kid, so when registering for baby gear (strollers, bedding, high chairs, play yards, etc.) should I expect the items I get for this baby to hold up for the next kid or two, or will i have to replace most items with every kid? Also, what is everyone's opinion of the best baby registry site?
  • I would plan on keeping everything IF you have the space to store it. Otherwise you could always bring it to a consignment shop once you are done with it (Once Upon a Child is awesome!) and get cash from it to buy other stuff you need. If you have the space it'll definitely save you to keep the stuff. I'd say the crib, carseat, stroller, swing, baby gates, walker/exersaucer, bouncy seat and many other things will hold up. I think Babies R us is overpriced personally. I registered at Target. Target and Walmart are sort of similar but target has better quality baby products. My sister registered with Baby depot (part of Burlington Coat Factory) and she liked them but boy were they expensive. I personally see no reason to spend $400 on a crib when ALL cribs are made to teh same standards of safety. Registering is a lot of fun though... good luck and have fun. One tip if you go to Target - register in the store. If you register online then most of what you picked will only be able to be found online. But if you register in the store people can shop at the store or online. Their shipping is very fast too.
  • It should hold up if you buy quality items. There are some things that will need to be replaced regardless, though, depending on how long you wait to have the second - a car seat should be under 3 years old per safety regulations, bedding may not make it either. Babies r us is a good place, they have everything. Congrats!
  • Good quality items will last for your future kids IF you look after them. I have cot, high chair, pram, basinet, bath and change table....even clothes......that I have put away for my next child and they are in good condition. You'll have to expect some scratches, bite marks and stuff like that on the items. I'm not sure about a registry becuase I never did one of those. My parents came shopping with me and they paid for almost everything that I needed.
  • It will depend on how hard they are on the item. My son never used his swing. He hated it. It is perfect condition. The Baby Einstein exer saucer?? That would need some parts replaced!! LOL I liked Babies R Us for my registry. People could check it on the computer or at the store. They also had a pretty reasonable return policy.
  • You should expect what you get to last more than one child. If you take care of it and you're not to hard on it.
  • yes most will hold up wal-mart is one of the best cuz it is international
  • hey mom anyway that works for you, anything that you feel will turn out for the best

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